Saheeli Rai deck tweaking help.

SnappyturtleSnappyturtle Posts: 133 Tile Toppler
Current deck:

Avaricious Dragon
Dusk Legion Dreadnought
Fleet Swallower
Daring Saboteur

Expel from Orazca
Perilous Voyage

In Bolas's Clutches
Sphinx's Tutelage
Bident of Thassa

Previously I had a wizard deck with Naban+Mizzium+JourneyMage. My current deck seems to me like it's missing something. Should I add in River's Rebuke and Sai Master Thopterist instead of the Dreadnought? Daring Saboteur has been a hit and miss with BoT. I hate/love it.

Edit: I don't want to move Fleet Swallower. I had to craft all of the rares for Ixalan to finally get it. The only card I even wanted from there...


  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,318 Chairperson of the Boards
    If you really want to run with 4 creatures, I'd use Sai over Saboteur, although neither really seems to fit a theme.

    I assume you don't have Storm the Vault for mana generation, but some sort of gem changer would probably be pretty helpful here.  Maybe Spire?

    Also, use Fell Flagship instead of Dreadnought for your spam vehicle.
  • SnappyturtleSnappyturtle Posts: 133 Tile Toppler
    edited October 2018
    Mana hasn't been a problem at all with this deck. Haven't really run into a situation that required it. I'll drop Dreadnought and Sabateur for Fell Flagship. Seems to fit the discard/draw I want while making her 3rd not be completely useless.
    To fill the last spot, will Psychic Corrosion work for a stalling deck like this? Bident is an actual draw so I can increase the cost already for the top card by 6 each turn(w/ 3 creatures out). With Saheeli's mana the cards in my hand are usually filled even with a bad gem-match. Then I get to draw more the same turn when I attack.
    Or would something like Field of Ruin so Avaricious can maybe cascade help?
    The basic idea that has been working for me is to stall to get BoT and at least Avaricious out before anything. The cascades get good. In the meantime control with Demolish and cheap Bounce spells to have one Bolas' in reserve if needed early on to feed BoT. Fleet would preemptively take care of future cards and make it a hell of a burden when the AI finally gets to feeding them mana.

    Edit: I'm currently in Gold. About 2-6 points in all colors before Platinum.
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,318 Chairperson of the Boards
    Corrosion + Tutelage sounds fun.  Lockdown for days lol.
  • FoznertepFoznertep Posts: 121 Tile Toppler
    Do you really need Bolas' Clutches? To me, it seems like the best option to swap it out for something else  Maybe Induced Amnesia? 
  • EglyntineEglyntine Posts: 72 Match Maker
    Bolas Clutches is a good card as it works two fold for those slow mob draws or if you have your deck rolling it's good for creature destruction without having to worry about death triggers.

    If you are looking for a lockdown deck, use both Tutelage and Corrosion with the Swallower. If you have Search for Azcanta that can help with card draw for Avaricious and mana cascade.

    I had Rivers Rebuke for a long time for support destruction and mob wipe but that was before Alpine Moon came along. But if you are support heavy already you could stick with it.

    Let us know how it works out for you. 😊
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    perhaps weatherlight would be a better choice? still a vehicle so she can use her last and helps pulling historic cards from the deck when it hits
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