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Alliance - TeamBaymax - is looking for new recruits. 

I have started a new alliance after realising during the Place of Power event that too many were off on their own track in my current alliance.

I have brought with me an extremely strong player and may snare a couple more

I am quite strong and have 50% of 4*s champed as well as all of 3*s and 2*s. I have collected most 5*s but not developed many yet. 

My other commander is similar in roster. 

Our focus are the alliance events with both of us scoring top 2 continually.  

After alliance Boss Events we are more PvE focussed but don’t mind if you are not... We are looking at being a more casual group that has a solid core of active players. 


The only requirements are to stay active and play as much as possible during alliance events.  I review individual scores and will kick if your performance is not equal to roster.

Following the very few directions issued is also important 

No minimums for PVP or PVE events. 

Let us know if you are going away especially at boss event time so we know

We use the in-game chat and are quite communicative.

We don’t mind newbies to the game happy to share info and tips to help you grow.

If you are interested PM me or apply in-game to TeamBaymax


  • PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 233 Tile Toppler
    Hey everyone... we are still recruiting for TeamBaymax!!
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