Prologue Character Drops

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Here's a list of characters you can currently obtain in the Prologue missions:

  • What is HAMMER?: star.png icon_storm.png blackflag.png
  • Tony's Private Office: star.png icon_hawkeye.png purpleflag.png
  • The Juggernaut: star.png icon_ironman.png yellowflag.png
  • Stop: star.png icon_hawkeye.png redflag.png
  • Stop or We'll Stop You: star.png icon_blackwidow.png blueflag.png blueflag.png
  • Guilty by Association: star.png icon_blackwidow.png blueflag.png purpleflag.png purpleflag.png
  • Tracking Thor: star.png icon_hawkeye.png redflag.png purpleflag.png purpleflag.png
  • Goldilocks: star.png icon_storm.png yellowflag.png yellowflag.png
  • Digging Deeper: star.png icon_ironman.png blueflag.png blueflag.png
  • Who is This Clown: star.png star.png icon_thor.png redflag.png greenflag.png
  • Tall Dark and Nasty: star.png star.png icon_ms_marvel.png redflag.png yellowflag.png blackflag.png
  • The Search is On: star.png icon_juggernaut.png greenflag.png redflag.png, star.png icon_blackwidow.png blueflag.png
  • Black Widow Imposter: star.png star.png icon_storm.png greenflag.png blueflag.png yellowflag.png
  • Interference: star.png icon_juggernaut.png greenflag.png redflag.png, star.png icon_blackwidow.png blueflag.png
  • Yelena Belova: star.png star.png icon_thor.png yellowflag.png, star.png icon_hawkeye.png redflag.png
  • Investigating Osborn: star.png icon_juggernaut.png redflag.png greenflag.png greenflag.png
  • The Big Bang: star.png icon_juggernaut.png redflag.png, greenflag.png greenflag.png
  • The Oscorp Connection: star.png icon_hawkeye.png purpleflag.png, star.png icon_blackwidow.png blueflag.png, star.png icon_ironman.png blueflag.png
  • Like Father Like Son: star.png icon_storm.png yellowflag.png, star.png icon_yelena.png blackflag.png, purpleflag.png
  • Pale Little Spider: star.png icon_venom.png purpleflag.png, blackflag.png
  • Symbiote Showdown: star.png star.png icon_daken.png purpleflag.png blackflag.png blueflag.png
Dark Avengers
  • The Big Guns: star.png icon_venom.png purpleflag.png blackflag.png blackflag.png
  • Iso-8 Delivery: star.png icon_yelena.png blackflag.png purpleflag.png purpleflag.png
  • Dead Air: star.png icon_storm.png greenflag.png, star.png icon_hawkeye.png purpleflag.png, star.png icon_ironman.png redflag.png
  • Dark Avengers: star.png star.png icon_wolverine.png redflag.png yellowflag.png greenflag.png
  • Thor's Hammer: star.png icon_juggernaut.png redflag.png, star.png icon_blackwidow.png purpleflag.png

2* Cover Locations:
  • icon_daken.png purpleflag.png blackflag.png blueflag.png (Symbiote Showdown)
  • icon_ms_marvel.png redflag.png yellowflag.png blackflag.png (Tall Dark and Nasty)
  • icon_storm.png greenflag.png blueflag.png yellowflag.png (Black Widow Imposter)
  • icon_thor.png redflag.png yellowflag.png greenflag.png (Who is This Clown, Yelena Belova)
  • icon_wolverine.png redflag.png yellowflag.png greenflag.png (Dark Avengers)

This is a reference I've always wanted to see for new players looking to start a 2* roster.

Based on the original Prologue Mission Drop Listing, with updates for 2016.

Feel free to point out mistakes & omissions.


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    Thanks, Sidlon!

    I had forgotten about the Prologue awards, ha. This is great for me getting my 2* covers for championing!
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    very helpful. Great job, thanks!
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