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So I have low intelligence  :) and need your explanation. I started the game 10 days ago and bought a hot deal with 3* heroes 1/1/1, my rank is 15. So now, as I understand, I should champ one 1* hero for DDQ and focus on champing 2* heroes to get 3* covers and rewards for lvls, I should save LT and CP. But I think that I just need to complete pvp and story events to get enough command points for 1 hero per month + vip for another 2 heroes per month and play with these heroes without making champs lol. What will it lead to and why am I wrong?  


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    You seem to have picked up some of the standard beginner advice from the forums, so I'll pass some of that. Based on the questions, I'll only put out a couple of comments that sound like they'll help in the short run:

    1. The focus is on winning battles in PVP and DDQ. If you can do that with on champed 1* and wherever your 2* are, fantastic. I suspect your life will be easier with 2-3 1* champs rather than just the one, but since you will only want one in the long run for one node in DDQ, if you're good with 1 then you'll save some ISO.
    2. Don't forget the prologue. You should clear the prologue as many times as the game will let you; this will give you coves, ISO and HP that you'll need.
    3. I'm sure you've read this, but you didn't mention it - HP is for slots. You can never have too many slot (well, you can, but you won't for a long time). I have 181, which is excessive but I know folks with more. Later on you can decide to strategically spend HP for other purposes, but when in doubt, just save it for slots.
    4. For now, pulling tokens (standard, heroic, event tokens, DDQ) will give you more than 1 hero per month. You don't need CP for this. Just hold your CP until you have many 3* champs. You might be interested in spending 20 CP for 3* covers; I think you shouldn't, but using 20 CP to get the 13th cover for a game-changer 3* like Strange or Iron Man is not the worst investment.
    5. Don't hold off champing, at least for now. You'll read people's horror stories about champing a single character, but that's at the 4* or 5* level and the game is better about that than it used to be (although single 5* champs do impact PVE). Don't worry about it at the 2* or 3* level.

    That's enough for the moment; I'm sure others will pipe in.

    Good luck!

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    HyperZ said:
    So now, as I understand, I should champ one 1* hero for DDQ and focus on champing 2* heroes to get 3* covers and rewards for lvls,
    The 1-stars are basically a tutorial tier. Only level the ones you need, and only high enough, to get you to the next tier (2-stars) whatever that takes. Common ones to max-level are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Juggernaut, and Storm. The others aren't worth wasting your attention on and I wouldn't even keep them on roster - save your slots for the 2-star and 3-star covers you are going to get. Starting with the 2-star, MPQ starts paying it forward. Champ rewards start rewarding HP, CP, tokens, and 3-star covers; basically the tools you need to start building towards the next tier, so it's a good idea to roster and champ all the 2-stars. Once you're no longer leaning on your 1-stars to win matches, sell them off to open roster slots (except your favorite one, which you need for one node daily in DDQ).
    I should save LT and CP.
    Save your LTs and CP only if roster slots are an issue, which they usually are for beginning players. The reason for this is roster availability. While trying to get enough slots to roster the 2-star tier and 3-star tier, the last thing new players need is a bunch of single-cover 4-stars and 5-stars which have extremely limited value until they're fully covered. Better to save those resources until you actually need them.

    If roster slots are not an issue (usually by investing real $$$ to buy the HP needed) then open as many LTs and use CPs in Latest/Classic Legends as much as you want. Just keep in mind that most of the covers you find there will be something you hold onto for the future. Don't make the mistake many new players do by investing ISO into under-covered 4-stars and 5-stars. That will affect your PvP matchmaking and pair you against players you're not ready to handle. Ideally you want to take each tier step by step, rostering and champing them all before moving on. 2-stars --> 3-stars --> 4-stars --> 5-stars. By doing it this way the game will give you the tools you need to make those transitions.
    But I think that I just need to complete pvp and story events...
    You want to put your focus on PvE (Story Mode). There you will find the resources you need in the form of tokens, covers, and ISO. Choose an appropriate SCL (shield clearance level, which dictates the level of your AI enemies) and as your roster improves, start moving up in SCLs.

    PvP can be dabbled in, but don't worry about progression points or placement. Get what you can get and don't stress it if you find your opponents are too strong to overcome. As your roster slowly improves, so will your ability to play in PvP. In the meantime, PvE has all the resources you need to make those improvements.

    Complete the Prologue Mode as soon as you can and go as far as you can in DDQ (Deadpool's Daily Quests) every day.
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    Also, another "basic" word of advice, play lightning rounds for the iso/tokens/covers.  As with pvp, don't worry about placement.  Lightning rounds run Tu-Th (roughly, it depends on your time zone) every two hours.  
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    I'd say don't be afraid of PVP - it's an excellent source of on-demand iso and covers as random drop after-match rewards. You can't really target stuff on purpose like that, but playing PVP in bulk is a good way to keep your 2* farm turning over or your 2* roster improving depending on where you are generally. As previously mentioned, don't sweat placement in there, expect to lose points, but now with win-based being an option you can decide if it's worth it for you to chase something on the progression track or not. If your goal is to "catch 'em all" so to speak, yelena Belova 1* and Spider-Man Bag-Man 2* are only available as random drops after matches in PVP. I would encourage you to not roster them early if at all though, neither is even really usable, let alone good given the high cost of their abilities.
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