Pulling Right to Rule for Thor

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My Thor is only 3/1/2 and with 7.5k of cp saved up. This is the best chance to finish him. Blackbolt is already at 13 covers but no champion levels

121 pulls later

Kraven pub
Carnage r
Iron fist gbu
Wiccan GY
Peggy r
Mordo pbbb
MEH ggyy
Falcon yr
Rocket & Groot ug
Cyclops y
X23 pggp
Ghost Prp
Yondu y
Starlord pypp
Reed y
Quake y
Medusas py
Kate bppp
Professor X ypupy
Shuri ur
Thing g
Agent venom b
Blade gbgg
Rhulk rggp
War machine gu
Riri urug
Spider-Man gRRgg
Vulture ggug
Gamora b
Gwenpool gpg
Cloak & Dagger p
Valkyrie ry
Miles u
Invisible woman yyy
Ghost rider bg
Imhb uu
Fury pp
Xfw yy
Venom g
Deadpool b
Jubilee g
Fisk p
Nightcrawler p
Thoress y
Captain marvel b
Moon knight bb
Lockjaw yg
Iceman u
Luke b
Bucky p
Spidergwen y
Nico p
Cho u

Thor gRrygrg
Loki bgg
BB bgggy

14 out of 121 is only 11.5% but at least the drops were mostly Thor, plus a bonus hero too. I stopped because a green Thor dropped and it had to be saved. With over 5k cp remaining (after applying all covers), I could continue pulling till a yellow or red Thor drops to finish him, or I can be patient and wait for 9 Valkyrie covers. 


  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    Waiting for Valkyrie seems to be the sensible thing to do.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    Two more pulls from the free rewards.

    reed b
    wican g

    Thor (lvl 435) is absolutely broken when hiding behind okoye (lvl 453). She tanks every colour except green. Battles are much faster than gambit ever was during his prime. I climbed in sim to 2k without even using a health pack (jj was the third).
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