Shuri or Nova, whom to champ?



  • Jarvis_Jackrabbit
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    Dormammu said:
    If you have a champed Medusa and Carnage, you'll get more usage out of Mr. Fantastic than you will Nova - and I say that as a fan of what Nova can do. But Cardusa + Mr. F = Top Three 4-star team. The only team they can struggle against is Grocket + Guardian (I know, I know)  but they will eat any other 4-star team for breakfast.

    The team is basically immortal and Mr. F can shut down Carnage's enemy attack tiles (Carnage's only downside).
    Thank you for addressing Nova vs. Reed, since that's the point to which my champing conundrum has progressed, although I remain undecided between the two of them.

    My Medusa is champed but Carnage is at a woeful 3/5/2, and those two green covers came from bonus heroes on back-to-back days. I nearly always skip Careedusa in PVP because, even using Grockamoradusa, things can go pear-shaped.

    I'm also still curious to try Reed with De4dpool and Thing since he completes the rainbow with those two often annoying characters. Somebody suggested him in that context awhile ago in another thread.
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    ThaRoadWarrior said:
    Lol, which one is Baglady?
    Sorry, old forum reference. Baglady = Invisible Woman
    She used to be really bad back in the day.
  • Jarvind
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    Nova all day erry day. Shuri works really well in a few specific teams, but Nova can fit in basically anywhere. Loads of strikes, cheap yellow nuke, cheap red nuke/airborne. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  • Bubba3210
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    I like Nova with Medusa and Iceman. His strikes help with her countdowns. I also get extra ap or heals if they are matched.
  • monsieurmojo
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    Definitely Nova for me; think of him sort of like Iceman-lite; cheap damaging "stun," a conditional nuke and plenty of self-synergy.  Shuri is a *lot* of fun to play with 4* Black Panther (I play those two every day in DPD), but on her own she's kind of slow.  
  • Jarvis_Jackrabbit
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    Thanks for all the input. I was actually able to champ both of them after selling a max champed Patch.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I'm about to be chasing Nova in earnest once I get the cover from the current story event, but I have a pair of Kravens on the vine and a P4nther right behind them that are probably going to take precedence. I'm torn between selling off my max-champ mohawk storm now, or just holding out until something is about to expire before doing something that drastic.