**** Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) ****

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Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)

4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
Heroes, Young Avengers, Team Cap
bluetilepng yellowtilepng greentilepng 

"Billy Kaplan was a normal high school boy until he discovered his power of Electrokinesis and became one of the heroes he admired. As Wiccan, he joined the Young Avengers and learned he was the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch and Vision. 

With the ability to warp reality at his will, Wiccan is destined to become the Demiurge, a powerful being who will one day rewrite the laws of magic."

(Abilities, Match Damage, and Health listed at level 270)
13,035 Health
bluetilepng 85 | yellowtilepng 74 | greentilepng 65 |  |  43 |  13 | purpletilepng 12 | blacktilepng 11 |  4.0x

Mystical Destiny - bluetilepng Passive
Wiccan is destined to become the Demiurge, a powerful being who will rewrite the laws of magic. At the start of the turn, if you have at least 9 AP in all colors, Wiccan transforms into the Demiurge and this power becomes Power of the Demiurge.
  • Level 2: ...have at least 8 AP in all colors...
  • Level 3: No change
  • Level 4: ...have at least 7 AP in all colors...
  • Level 5: ...have at least 6 AP in all colors...
Power of the Demiurgebluetilepng Passive
As the Demiurge, Wiccan has the power to shape reality to his will. Blue, Yellow, and Green matches made by Wiccan will clear their row or column, dealing damage and generating AP. Wiccan becomes the target of all enemy attacks.
  • Level 2: No change.
  • Level 3: All matches made by Wiccan...
  • Level 4: No change.
  • Level 5: No change.
Magical Barrier - 9 yellowtilepng AP
Wiccan conjures up a magical barrier to protect his allies. Creates 2 random 5-turn Countdown tiles that reduce damage from enemy matches and powers by 15% each. Whenever they are matched or destroyed, Wiccan restores 505 health.
  • Level 2: ...by 17% each...restores 720 health.
  • Level 3: Creates 3 random...
  • Level 4: ...by 20% each...restores 1154 health.
  • Level 5: Creates 4 random...restores 1605 health.
Chain Lightning - 12 greentilepng AP
Wiccan channels a high-energy bolt of electricity through his enemies. Destroys a chosen column. If that column contains an enemy special tile, destroy a random column until one with no enemy special tiles is destroyed. Destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP.
  • Level 2: Deals 902 damage and destroys...
  • Level 3: Deals 1984 damage...
  • Level 4: Deals 4167 damage...
  • Level 5: Deals 8551 damage...
What do you think is Wiccan's best build? Vote down below!

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  • zeddicuszeddicus Posts: 76 Match Maker
    Going need yellow to counter his own blue
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    edited June 2018
    zeddicus said:
    Going need yellow to counter his own blue

    Yes, and also, his green can be used to destroy a column that one of his CD's is in.
  • hopper1979hopper1979 Posts: 564 Critical Contributor
    I have to wait on this guy, on paper I think he is solid but under-leveled he is not working yet.  Characters with true heal will always be useful and he will be no exception but he reminds me of Agent Venom at the moment he is not good at low level so far.
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,357 Chairperson of the Boards
    Chain Lightning seems to work pretty well with large strike tiles (at least, briefly) as each column gets a dip in the strike pool. Fortified Strikes would presumably be best.
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    Played Chain Lightning against Sentry in a DDQ node. Waited for World Rupture to be played and there were enemy CD's in each column. 6 columns were destroyed. Hilarious!
  • ammenellammenell Posts: 802 Critical Contributor
    what's his best team? 
    i like him with hood and Chavez, any other good teammates? 
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    edited October 2018
    I think Wiccan is more of a consideration depending on who you will be Against, more so than who else to bring along. If the enemy team spawns a lot of special tiles, including countdown, he can be great / fun. 

    He's a natural 3rd in a Medusa Carnage team. There will always be plenty of enemy specials on the board to make his Chain Lightning work quite well. Medusa also builds up more green for him from enemy attack tile matches.

    Wiccan will tank blue of course but probably not yellow over Medusa. You need him tanking when in Demiurge form so that you get the AP and damage from his line-breaking match-3's. 

    Outside of Carndusa, He plays well enough with any red-purple-black team setup. Don't laugh, but I've had good runs with Wiccan and Elektra. Usually when I want to steal enemy specials with her purple, because she then she also creates low level enemy strike tiles for Wiccan to destroy with his green. Once in Demiurge mode it's super easy to gather more purple, and black for her Shadowstep. She then avoids all enemy damage, and Wiccan can heal with his yellow. (caution though, when Demiurge, he will force himself to the front and not allow Elektra to shadowstep well). 

    Other considerations:
    Along with Mockingbird since you will be gaining lots of AP any enemy match-4 could trigger a free power. 
    Brock Venom is decent with Wiccan and Medusa since you'll proc an enemy protect tile each time her CD hits.
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  • ammenellammenell Posts: 802 Critical Contributor
    really informative write up, thank you! 
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