Who is the best 4* companion for 5* Gambit

Jesus Jones
Jesus Jones Posts: 182 Tile Toppler
Scenario - Playing SCL8/9 and I have 1-2 covers for the required 5* on the mission.  I have G5mbit at 5/1/2 so who can I pair him up with in the 4* world for the best 2 on 3 match?  Vulture? Hobo Fist? Gamora? Rogue? America Chavez?


  • Rod5
    Rod5 Posts: 543 Critical Contributor
    Rogue is good, Riri is very good, Chavez also good. Depends a lot on who is boosted.

    I wouldn’t play 9 with a 2-cover 5E and an ultra weak Gambit though, it’s just a succession of wipes waiting to happen tbh.
  • abominatrix
    abominatrix Posts: 219 Tile Toppler
    This is old, but if you're going to insist on SCL9 with an unchamped Gambit and an underpowered 5*E, then use America. Essentially, the goal is to mach damage them to death using 5* damage, America's damage bonus with AP superiority and crit tiles. Don't fire any powers if by doing so America's crit tile generation and damage bonus is put at risk.

    I would never do SCL9 with an underpowered 5*E unless I had a champ to go with them, and honestly I prefer half-Thor to Gambit (along with America) for that work unless there's too many tile movers at which point I pull out Gambit.