Latest Legendary pulls for Okoye, JJ and Cap

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It is that time to unload again and to start off I have 304 latest tokens and over 5k in command points (unlikely to use this). No covers for Okoye, JJ has 2 red and cap a lone purple. Bonus hero is set to medusas (7 more covers before finishing blackbolt) and Thor 2/1/2. The idea here is to get him ready for a feeder, a couple of covers with good distribution is all that’s needed. 

184 pulls later... (caps are bonus hero)
Venom gyg

Black panther ryyruyyuy

Sandman yyg

Valkyrie bbbrbbyr

Medusa RYYR

Elektra bp

Quake g

America yrgr

Moon knight ppbb

Rogue ryryy

Agent venom rby

Shuri ruguggurgu

Iceman u

Fury puu

Px p

Wasp y

Gwenpool b

Lockjaw uyyggyu

War machine u

Carnage ggbr

Nova yr

Black widow ybpbbbyp

Cho u

Captain Marvel yb

Gamora bu

Iron fist gbb

Kraven bubppbub

Reed buyb

Jubilee ypyggppug

Vulture u

Mordo uppp

Bucky ppr

Nightcrawler rppu

Punisher b

Luke byy

Thoress yry

Spidergwen p

Deadpool r

Cyclops y

Starlord py

Groot gy

IW y

Falcon y

ME hulk yyppp

Xfw y

Fisk b

Nico yupp

Mockingbird r

Peggy r

Spider-woman r

Ghost rider brg

Coulson y

Kate bu

Yondu b

Blade g

JJ ruurr

Thor Y

Okoye yybrbrryrrryb

Cap yyypyr

24x 5* pulls with a bonus hero. That’s 13%. Not great but acceptable. Okoye just need cs to swap out a cover to complete (or I can keep going to try and finish JJ/cap getting more Okoye along the way). JJ at 5/0/2 is fairly bad distribution, cap at 1/2/4 is slightly better.

4* wise, black window, black panther and jubilee were championed. That leaves iron spider as the only 4* not championed. With the announcement of 4* odds changing, I may wait for it to go live before trying to complete JJ (gotta take advantage of cover swap and hope for 6 more covers. Better chance of more medusas too, only need 3 more)


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    After the 4* odds changed it took me another 105 pulls to finish JJ and Cap (needs 2 cover swap). Also got enough medusas to finish blackbolt. Switched the 4* bonus hero to Valkyrie (guess she will feed Thor). Also made JJ the bonus hero for 5* (wasn’t confident my remaining 139 pulls were going to be enough). 14/105 is 13% again. 

    Deadpool br

    Kraven bp

    Luke yyyyb

    Ghost rider b

    Sandman gyyy

    War machine rrrr

    Medusas PyY

    Reed b

    Yondu ub

    Nico uu

    Ironfist ubb

    Miles rrry

    Jubilee g

    Riri gr

    Coulson pppy

    Spider woman rbp

    Peggy yru

    Shuri gu

    Starlord r

    ME hulk gy

    Spider Gwen pypy

    Black panther u

    Cho g

    Iceman ggu

    Antman pp

    Px u

    Venom by

    Cloak & dagger yy

    Bucky r

    Punisher gg

    Rhulk rr

    Wasp y

    Carnage gg

    Valkyrie ByRY

    Xfw bb

    Iw u

    Fisk y

    Falcon y

    Elektra r

    Thing rry

    Moon knight gp

    Vulture u

    Quake u

    Lockjaw y

    Jean pp

    Jubilee y

    Drax r

    Okoye rby

    Cap pprppp

    JJ bbuUub

    In summary, it took 289 pulls to cover all 3. 38 pulls were 5*s (13%) plus 11 bonus hero (3.8%, made up of 2x 5*s and 9x 4*s).   
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