Decisions, decisions...

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Oh boy, lots of stuff going on all at once, suddenly, thanks to an unexpected unusable BH Kate Bishop pull (2/5/5) from a mere Heroic token triggering a HfH for her blue.

In the 2* space, I have a max-champ Captain America whose replacement is ready, but unleveled, and with 2 covers in the queue. 

In the 3* space, I have a max-champ GSBW whose replacement is ready, but only at level 70, with 3 covers in the queue. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to cycle a 3*.

In the 4* space, I have Quake max covered with a cover in the queue, at level 240, so 115K ISO needed to max level, then the champ fee. Her cover has 10+ days to expiry.

I also have Kate at level 180, so that's north of 200K ISO needed just to reach 250. I actually have two Kate covers in the queue, the first of which expires in about a week. It didn't trigger the HfH, the second one from yesterday did.

I have about 83K ISO on hand, so even selling both Cap & GSBW without re-champing would leave me short. 

Advice? What should step #1 be? I'm tempted to first sell the 2* Cap and bank the ISO. Those covers don't concern me. They'll come back around soon enough.


  • Quebbster
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    Selling 2* Cap is a no brainer. Twostar covers are plentyful, you'll have a replacement ready in no time. Black Widow... Well, I am rostering dupes for all my threestar characters instead of selling them to get an edge in PvP, but if you are short on ISO and/or HP it's probably not a big problem to sell her. Maybe wait until Hearts of Darkness ends though, it will be a while before she's essential in PvE again.
    If you need to choose between Kate and Quake I'd go with Kate first since you have two covers waiting for her, and also because she feeds Hawkeye covers. Quake is fun, but it will be a while before she's required in PvE again so you are not really missing out if you don't champ her now.
  • DavidAmaquelin
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    If i am right you still have some days until the covers expire. My advice is wait until the last hour. Who knows what it will be your ISO situation then.Maybe you are close to change your SHIELD level and have some extra ISO there too.

    After that i am agree with Quebbster, better go for Kate. Not only because you have 2 covers in the vine, but she is quite better than Quake ( in my opinion).