4* DDQ: Dueling Diminutives Edition: Wasp vs. Ant-Man

DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,110 Chairperson of the Boards
I went ahead and respeced my Level 283 Janet to 5/3/5 for this fight. I normally run 5/5/3, but I wanted the extra oomph and extra turn of stun from Wasp Sting.

It was a fairly yellow heavy board, which meant I got my strike and protect tiles out early and even flipped them once. It also meant Scott fired Ants! Ants! Ants! early as well, but my protect kept his strikes at bay. 

I gathered enough blue to get That Buzzing Sound going, and to make sure he would be stunned when I hit him with Wasp Sting, which I did a few turns later.

He had fired Pym Particles a few turns before that, so I had attack tiles to contend with as well. Before firing Wasp Sting, I was forced to sacrifice my strike tile. I had enough yellow to flip the protect to a strike, so I did that to give Wasp Sting and extra punch. But, that left me open to his strike and attack tiles. 

Thankfully, the extra damage from my strike tile ensured he never woke up from his stun. Finished first try, no boosts, with 10796 health. Token to the hoard for Jessica Jones, which I'll crack on Monday evening ahead of her debut in Simulator.

If you're undercovered or underleveled, the strategy could be a little difficult. There are shared colors in yellow and blue, so chasing those will deny him, which is nice. I would say prioritize yellow over blue. The main function of his blue is to steal your special tiles, so if you don't have any out, there's nothing to steal.

If he does fire blue with nothing out there to steal, keep in mind that it becomes a nuke as long as the CD is out, so definitely keep him from getting enough blue to fire it again while the CD is out. 

Lastly, it is a good idea to keep purple in check as well. It creates attack tiles on open purple tiles each turn unless you match the purple trap tile, and those attacks will chip away at your health if you can't match them away. Plus, purple becomes a nuke as long as the trap tile is out. 

So unfortunately there's not necessarily a completely clear strategy, other than to deny him all his colors as much as possible. If you have yellow, it will help if you can get your own strike and project out (and keep them from being matched or stolen). If you have black, try to make sure you have enough blue before nuking him to get the stun.


  • thechairmanthechairman Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
    5/2/5 lvl 233 Wasp. Pretty dismal board for him, lots of green and black and we both were scooping up blue matches as soon as they appeared. Luckily matched his Pym particles trap right after it was put down. Had enough for two Stings by the time he got his Ants! tiles out and finished the match swiftly.

    Token showed me a 5* and got excited for what could be my first JJ!

    Black GR to 0/2/2.
  • dadowsdadows Posts: 59 Match Maker
    150 4/4/5 wasp. pretty easy, just collected enough blue for the passive and prioritized black. took purple away from ant-man when none of mine available. i don't think he fired a power with the passive ap steal and 3 turn stuns. 
  • TeeTee Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    edited April 2018
    This one is a bit of a ****-shoot depending on board state. Tactical Intuition will most likely be your game winner, which means if the board lacks yellow or is heavy on red, you could be having a rough time. Especially if you can't find the blue to start triggering the Buzzing. Even lost the first one myself because of a very bad board state with a Champed 273 Wasp.

    That said, I feel even the low level Wasps could win this one. Just depends on how lucky they get.
  • Sim MayorSim Mayor Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
    I picked up the HfH store today so I could bump my 0/5/1 lvl 152 Wasp up to 1/5/1 lvl 156, and that plus all the extra AP I could cram into the teamup slots just enough to win on round one. He got an early purple, and my That Buzzing Sound tiles kept getting dumped on the sides of the screen, but at the end when I had just over 1k health left he finally matched one away for more than 4k damage, and a Wasp Sting I had been saving for just that occasion sealed the deal.

    LT got me a Red for my 5/1/2 Cyclops. Sad way to finish up an awesome fight.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,680 Chairperson of the Boards
    I forgot to respec, but still pulled it out with my 5/5/3 Lvl 274. It was a close match because of a terrible board for me. Would have been a blowout if there'd been more yellow and blue around earlier. I was down to 850-ish health when I finally dropped him with a Wasp Sting, and would have been taken out by his Attack tiles next turn if I hadn't.

    Token waiting for AA to leave Latest.
  • gmtoscagmtosca Posts: 278 Mover and Shaker
    edited April 2018
    5/3/5 271 (Good) Janet.  Basically chased black, stunned Paul Rudd a few times and he had no Hope :smiley:

    To the hoard.
  • MrKasadyMrKasady Posts: 74 Match Maker
    4/3/4 lvl 200 JVD won without breaking a sweat. Pretty bad board for Scott and he never got to fire a power. Fired my yellow a few times and stung him a good 3 times and walked away with another token for the pile.
  • KahmonKahmon Posts: 610 Critical Contributor
    5/3/5 level 278.

    Pretty much went like the op. Gathered blue first to start buzzing then some black. Ant-man used Pym Particales then never got another turn. I just kept stun locking him until the win.

    Token to the hoard.
  • jameshjamesh Posts: 1,580 Chairperson of the Boards
    I won without much trouble using my 5/1/3 level 152 Wasp, losing only about 1.5k health.  That single blue cover was a life saver: Ant-Man never matched any of my countdowns away, but it helped tilt the AP balance in my favour.

    I managed to cast Tactical Intuition a few times in the match, but my special tiles didn't last long enough to start buffing them.  Ant-Man managed to cast Ants! once, but I stunned him and finished the match.
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,379 Chairperson of the Boards
    3/5/5 level 270 Wasp

    Yellow heavy board, so in hindsight I should have respeced to 5/3/5, as I flipped her tiles no less than 4 times. But then I remembered why it's so nice to have 5 in blue when Ant-Man matched my countdown tile and took 5.5K damage. One cast of black to finish him off and I added my 109th LT to the hoard.
  • jtsingsjtsings Posts: 266 Mover and Shaker
    Tee said:

    That said, I feel even the low level Wasps could win this one. Just depends on how lucky they get.
       Yes, yes it is.  1/1/3 level 115 Janet was somehow able to get it done with 100% match damage, 125% critical damage and +2 blue/purple.  I have to admit I got some really lucky cascades in the right colors that gave me the blue I needed almost immediately and allowed me to fire yellow about 5 or 6 times during the match.  Only part that was of real concern is that his Ants got out pretty early but I was able to get all but one of the countdown tiles matched and his last countdown resolved, fortuitously, into a yellow strike tile that I was able to match away immediately.  Got black to fire once earlier in the match and was able end the match with one last black stun. 

      Token got me a yellow cover for, formerly 5/4/2, MEH and a bonus blue cover for Ice Man.
  • iron-n-wineiron-n-wine Posts: 490 Mover and Shaker
    No trouble for 5/5/3 lvl 272 Wasp
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,103 Chairperson of the Boards
    5/3/5 lvl275 Wasp had a dreadful board first time around and Ant-man snagged all the yellow. Second time thpugh it was a breeze and I stung Ants into submission pretty quickly.
  • AlwaysWrongAlwaysWrong Age Unconfirmed Posts: 67 Match Maker
    Hahaha... Lvl 70 5/2/2 Janet, +2 yellow/blue/all ap. Grabbed yellow first and blue second, kept firing yellow with the occasional black, and the defense tiles kept me alive and fending off pym particles. Wore him down and won with 2k health (which was like 66% health). Probably my favorite titans win yet. Token got 4* cage to 5 black. 
  • qandolsqandols Posts: 796 Critical Contributor
    Really good job with level 70 only!
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