New Backup Solution Needed

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In a time where the need to get rid of Facebook is more and more obvious - we need a new option for our MPQ backups.

I, like so many other players, don’t want Facebook on our mobile devices any longer. But the years of playing MPQ can’t be risked. Whether you’re a whale, playing for free, or somewhere in between, there’s an investment of time and money.

Demiurge team, what’s the ETA on a new backup option for our MPQ data?


  • HoundofShadow
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    You can backup to google. Go to Options, then click "Save Backup Using Google". 

    I'm remember that the process might not be smooth if you are switching from FB to Google. It would be great if there's a step-by-step guide for this group of players.

    Google tracks your data as well. Are you going to stop using Google as well?
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    I only created a Facebook just to back up this game so there's nothing personal in there for me anyway. I'm not a big Social media guy.
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