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Just curious if this is me and I am really unlucky. Or if the mp system is rigged. So when ever i shield myself from atks i may be attacked everyonce in awhile but nothing serious. However, every time my shield breaks I INSTANTLY get attacked by 5-10 people all at once! This is also a recurring issue that happens all the time. Too often to be coincidence or bad luck. This kind thing demotivates from playing multiplayer at all. What is the point of shielding myself if the only time I am bombarded by atks is when the shield expires? Something fishy is going on here. Anyone else have this issue?


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    When you're shielded, you're removed from the pool of available players entirely. Those few attacks you see coming in after you shield are likely retals from people you attacked while climbing. They could also be leftover attacks if someone had lined you up in their queue before you shielded. 

    When your shield expires, you'll start popping up in people's queues again. And if you climbed high enough with a weak enough team, you'll probably be presented as a real juicy target, which will draw a lot of attacks. Which would explain why a whole bunch of attacks come through at once. 

    I'm not super competitive when it comes to PvP, but if you've shielded and intend to climb again later, you really need to not wait until your shield expires. What seems to be the best strategy is to wait until about 10 minutes are left on your shield. 

    Try to line up as many easy battles worth as much points as you can in the three nodes. You'll likely have to skip a bunch. Right before your shield would expire, start the first fight and break your shield. If you're fast enough, you should be able to get one or two wins in before an attack against you will register through the server. 

    But once you get attacked, be sure to shield up and remove yourself from the pool of available targets if you haven't hit the points threshold you were aiming for. Otherwise you'll end up spinning your wheels or even going backwards. 
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    Agree with everything DarthDeVo has said.  In addition to that, consider the time left in the event.  There is a strong correlation anecdotally know as a feeding frenzy as the event nears an end.  There's an influx of active players.  Same goes for significant time milestones, 3, 8, and 11 hours remaining.  People have a higher tendency to play then to minimize the amount of shields required and HP spent.
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