Survival Event

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I think a "Survival" mode would be interesting where you load in a deck, and see how many games in a row that deck can win before losing. I would suggest having a Legacy version and a Standard version. If you're beaten, your number of games won is recorded to a leader board and you can start again with a new deck/planeswalker. This mode should absolutely not have a limit to number of times you can play to prevent punishing players for bad luck. The Leaderboard would only record your highest score (not aggregate like most events) and dole out increasingly lucrative rewards as you manage to get higher and higher win streaks.

I think it would also be really interesting to see your AI opponent start receiving increasingly difficult modifiers (like the difficulty modifiers in the color challenges) as your win streak improves. There could even be "Boss" levels where every X number of wins has you face off against a PvE opponent.

It would be awesome if the rewards were not capped, but instead were based on a formula that allowed for "n" number of wins (such as 25 mana runes for first win, 5 crystals for 2nd win, and 1 gem for 3rd win. 4th win would increase mana runes gained by 25, 5th win increases crystals earned by 5, 6th win increases gems earned by 1 and so on. Every 10th win earns you a 3 card Basic Pack, and then the cycle of runes/crytals/gems continues with every 10th win earning another 3 card pack). Then, you would receive leaderboard rewards at the end of the week for the top 10 players with highest win streaks get the best prize, then top 25, and so on.

I know that this is probably just a pipe dream, but man it would be so incredible to have something like this.


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