Nicol GG

gillkonam Posts: 70 Match Maker
Anyone got a clue on how to beat this guy? Which planeswalker to go with? He's got everything covered, and can simply win with his ultimate. Life gain isn't going to be able to keep up with that considering your hand and creatures are done too. He might as well be called Nicol Don't Bother.


  • Laeuftbeidir
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    Go creatureless. He can't use his ability without you having creatures on the board. It is annoying, but works.
  • Marrhault
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    Looking for ideas myself.  Don't have tezz 2 but shrine of the devoted cycle deck seems like a top choice for life gain.  I don't have him leveled....was thinking maybe a Ob Nix creature less?  Still would take it to the chin so not sure how to keep my job up without creatures
  • gillkonam
    gillkonam Posts: 70 Match Maker
    I was thinking creatureless. Man if that's the solution though, then it makes play antithetical to everything the modern game of MTG and especially this format is supposed to be all about. They really, really needed to rethink this a bit.
  • gillkonam
    gillkonam Posts: 70 Match Maker
    Yep, creatureless worked. Ugh.
  • morgue427
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    hit or miss but i use dovin with cast out if you get them early before he can wack you to much and lock down his creatures as they come out, drake and cycle like crazy also the gold 4/4 that exerts in 3 rounds for a bit of healing just to keep it up. as i said win about 1/2-2/3s of the time
  • ElfNeedsFood
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    Creatureless Ob or other black planeswalker works close to 100% of the time. 
  • Demsu
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    Thanks for the creatureless tip. Since it came down to slow grinding by spells/planeswalkers´s ultimates, I went for Ob Nixilis with "draw heavy" theme.

    My build:

    [Lost Legacy] - Key
    [Shadows of The Past]
    [Shadow of the Grave]
    [Sunscorched Desert]
    [Crumbling Necropolis]
    [Wander in Death]
    [Faith of the Devoted]
    [Desert of the Glorified]

    Long match, but Smooth ride.(TM ;)

  • Caeman
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    With Ajani, Vengeant:

    Desert Hold
    Act of Treason
    Renewed Faith
    Desert of the True

    After these, whatever supports that generate mana, get cards or damage Nicol directly are what you need and a permanent boost spell. The reason being that the main source of ouch you'll be giving Nicol will be his one creature. Keep boosting his creature, feeding Desert Hold (which will also heal you because of the desert spells) and use Act of Treason to use his Eternal. There are several rare spells and supports that will make this a lot faster, but these uncommons are the backbone of the strategy.
  • morgue427
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    had to change that last time kept getting wiped with dovin so curator and drakes. first round i have both able to attack just keep cycling, and discarding non cycling card and keep it up till he is toast, long boring as  heck but works
  • NinjaE
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    I used a creatureless Bolas deck and had no trouble at all. Imminent Doom for the win.
  • morgue427
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    sure convince me to buy a card lol

  • morgue427
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    you are evil lol shows promise with baral feeding the spells im climbs fast