Favourite and Least Favourite PVP

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I think there is a "Best PVE" thread out there somewhere but don't really recall a "Favourite PVP" thread, so I was just wondering what everyone's favourite PVP is?

For me my favourite PVP is Quicksilver's as his passive really make the match a very interesting puzzle: how to match blue and use his black and green so that it will be enemies team that eat his passive and not your team.

My least favourite is Luke Cage's due to his protect tile really drag the match.

For those who interested in reading about "Best PVE", below are the link:


  • Player1575
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    Least favorites are:
    Dr. Strange
    Iron Fist
    She Hulk

    The  first four because of the extra health packs they make me use, and the last because she hulk green is really annoying.

    Don't really have any favorites I can think of.
  • DarthDeVo
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    Least favorites are:
    Dr. Strange
    Iron Fist
    She Hulk

    The  first four because of the extra health packs they make me use, and the last because she hulk green is really annoying.

    Don't really have any favorites I can think of.
    She-Hulk. Ugh. *shudders* Without fail, the AI green WILL steal the AP colors I need the most. When I use green, it WILL be in a useless or empty pool. 
  • shadowyoshi
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    Iron Man - A battery with 30,000 hp makes life so much easier for a quick climb
    Patch - The speed boost of playing with Patch whether win or lose is fun

    Least Favorite: 
    She-Hulk - Green fires, nothing good occurs for me, no matter who fires it.
    Luke Cage - That protect tile boosted to that level is pretty annoying
    Scarlet Witch - The RNG of where the countdown is placed often decides how fast or slow matches go.
    Vision - Stop spamming your stupid useless power, taking more time.

  • TPF Alexis
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    Least favourite are more or less in line with the general trend. Quicksilver's is up there because of the puzzle aspect of trying to get my blue to be the one to trigger, and I also really enjoyed C4rol's release PvP for much the same reason. Patch's also gets pretty hilarious with Medusa or C4ge around.
  • broll
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    Quicksilver is one of my least favorites because of how the double blue works.  It feels so wonky.
    Currently with only having 2 5*s when I get handicapped by the 3* variants PvP it hurts, so Thanos and Daredevil (coming soon Gambit)

    Luke Cage
  • OldManWolvs
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    My favorite pvp are any of the 4* events. Especially 4Cage
  • TetsujinOni
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    The nature of the rosters of the posters becomes pretty clear based on their response to this question.

  • DAZ0273
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    Least favourite: She Hulk for reasons already stated.

    Favourite: Hulk because if you bring along C4rol then you can sit back and watch the AI kill itself with anger! GRR HULK!!!!
  • Rockwell75
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    Favorites:  As a rule I much prefer 4* PVP as I hardly use 3s except when they're required so in most 3* PVP I'm stuck bringing in a useless character and relying on a team of two.  My favorite PVPs are thus 4s and the top tier of 3s who go well with 4s (IM40, SWitch, Cyc, etc.) I'm really enjoying this SRSS PVP despite a **** boosted list because of how well he pairs with Carol and Vulture. 

    Least Favorites:  Mid and lower tier 3s
  • ZootSax
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    My favorite PVP is probably Devil Dinosaur, as people tend to not take it too seriously and the team selections can get a little wonky.  Honorable mention goes to 3* Rocket and Groot, as it blocks the current 4* Grocket meta for a change of pace.

    My least favorite is She-Hulk for the reasons outlined above. Dishonorable mention goes to Falcon, due to matches being dragged out.
  • Kahmon
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    Favorite: Win based progression.

    Least favorite: the one I'm in when I pick a fight to get 42 points, win and only receive 17 points, and were hit for a loss of 150 while I was doing it.
  • HoundofShadow
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    @ Kahmon 
    I experienced that before -- getting hit with more than 150 points loss after winning the match.

    My experience are limited since I have played for about 2 months.

    Least favorite: Thanos (because it uses a lot of healthpack; Medusa (because of her ability), Starlord (he's irritating for some reason, but I love his yellow ability)

    Favourite: Quicksilver - His PvP is exciting. You try not to take damage from Supersonic and during your turn, your match 3 turned into a cascade and you ended up eating Supersonic. It happened to me a few times. I was like, "wth?" After that, I became more alert.