278 Family Legends pulls

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Had 6445 cp and this the the best chance I have to get blackbolt (2/1/0] to pair with gambit and black panther (1/1/0) to pair with thanos. Finishing Phoenix (5/1/3) would be a nice plus

211 pulls later...
Mockingbird rpr
Carol ggybygbbgy
Vulture buguubg
Thoress y
C&d ypbp
Fury yup
Carnage gbgrgbg
Cho ggg
Punisher b
Medusa rPyPPrYpPPPrYrYpyPyYP
Riri rr
Quake g
Reed yuyby
Falcap uru
Ghost rider rg
Rhodey rgr
Nova yybyy
Blade rg
Gamora ubu
Cyclops rr
Cage brbrybbrb
Thing yyygr
Rhulk pg
Coulson upyyuuuu
Spider woman prrrbpbbbppprbpb
Moon knight gpg
Wasp yubuyuuy
Starlord py
Fist uu
Drax bp
Imhb ruu
Bucky urbr
Iceman pg
Jean gg
Gwenpool pp
Peggy ry
Elektra pr
Mordo u
R&g uu
Agent venom ryby
Fisk by
Xfw by
Rogue rgyyrrr
Venom ybygbyb
Kate bup
Spidergwen r
Miles p
Xfdp rb
Quake y
Yondu byu
X23 p
Sandman g

Phoenix pggrgrgrP
Black panther byyyrrbrb
Black bolt yygyb

Very low pulls of blackbolt, at least medusa dropped a fair bit and loads of bonus heroes too. Got a blackbolt cover that way and she is now level 332. A long way to get 3 more black bolts. 

22 5*s + 1 bonus heroes is way under 15%. 

Phoenix is championed (took forever to get the last purple), was getting close to spending the 720cp just to finish her. That was the plan if my cp balance dropped there. Blackbolt is 3/2/4 and black panther is 4/4/3. With 1596 cp left, I’m not sure should I keep going to try and finish either one. 


  • brollbroll Posts: 4,727 Chairperson of the Boards
    Ouch 9.9% 5* pulls and lowest on the one you really wanted.  Sorry man that's rough.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
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    What the heck, double down and go all out... 67 pulls later

    Wasp ubuyb
    Nova ryrrr
    Xfw bgy
    Gwenpool g
    Imhb b
    Lockjaw yy
    Spider woman pp
    Venom gyb
    Coulson puyuy
    Cage yyyy
    Invisible woman y
    Antman p
    Agent venom yb
    X23 rp
    Medusa ppY
    Quake g
    C&d p
    Fist b
    Rogue y
    Drax rb
    Mordo b
    Carnage g
    Gamora uu
    Rhulk p
    Miles p
    Ghost rider gb
    Sandman g
    Vulture bb
    Carol b
    Cho g
    Punisher b
    Gwenpool y
    Mockingbird y

    Black panther y
    Phoenix rrrr
    Black bolt g

    Still under 10% *sigh*, so many Phoenix covers. At least I got 5% bonus covers (and finally one being a 5*)
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 691 Critical Contributor
    Sorry for your bad pull rate @Pongie! I´m almost in the same situation (6300 CP, Bolt (2/2/0) & Panther (1/0/1)) and will try my luck on the Family Legends Store next week.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Best of luck @Black Duke. I need to max Medusa in order to get the last 3 covers of blackbolt, and panther just just need a single cover from a feeder. Both aren't going to happen anytime soon. It will probably take the majority of 2018 to get the 24 covers for Medusa and there's no word about any other 4* feeding more 5*'s.
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