Approx 270 latest pulls

YoikYoik Posts: 241 Tile Toppler

I pulled my ledge hoard last night and here are the results for those who track these things or are generally interested.

250 latest Ledge tokens.

I then received 25 – 30 more ledge from champ levels. My maths is probably little out on how many I ended up pulling as it took ages and I got a little bored but its approximate enough.

Agent V x 4

AntMan x 1

Blade x 4

C&D x 14

Cage x 1

Carnage x 3

Carol x 4

Cho x 2

Coulson x 17

Cyk x 4

Danny x 12

Dpool x 5

Elektra x 6

Fury x 3

G Pool x 4

G Rider x 6

Gamora x 8

Groot x 5

Hulk Bust x 4

I Woman x 3

Ice x 1

Jess Drew x 2

KP x 1

LockJaw x 9

M Bird x 7

Medusa x 4

Miles x 4

Moon Knight x 3

Mordo x 14

Mr F x 2

Nova x 3

Peggy x 2

Pun x 1

PX x 1

Quake x 1

Rhulk x 1

Riri x 2

Rogue x 6

Sandman x 8

She Thor x 3

Sp Gwen x 2

St Lord x 3

Thing x 3

Venom x 6

Vulture x 11

War Mach x 1

Wilson x 7

X23 x 5

XF x 3

Yondu x 13

Bonus Toon – Blade x 15


5 Stars

Peter P x 15 Fully covered           

Dare D x 13 Need 1 swap             

Gambit x 13 Need 3 swaps, no blacks at all

Bonus Toon - Black Bolt x 6 No dupes                     



Before pulling I had none of the latest 5 stars. I also had all 4 stars champed bar 6 of the most latest 4 stars. I am fairly pleased with the results for 5 stars. I have raised a CS request to get the Gambit and DD covers swapped out. I ended up with 47/270 5 stars inc bonus so about 17.5% I guess?

I was a little miffed I didn’t get to fully cover Rogue, or MB or Sandman. Seeing as they should have been 3x the odds, the cover distribution was crazy.

For example 17 cover for Coulson. 13 for Yondu. 17 for c&d but not enough in the latest ( odds ) for me to cover the last 3. (Rogue, or MB or Sandman)

Or the fact that in that entire pull I didn’t receive a single Jean Grey, Winter Soldier, Drax or Wasp. Yet I can pull 5 purple MB and 4 sandman yellows I cant use while I hope I get a drop for them in 14 days

No Gambit black for the 5 star was annoying too but at least I can do something about that

I was pleased by the Black bolt covers I got. I had 4 before hand and wanted to try and make him a usable partner for gambit when I get there so I still need 3. Currently 4/1/5 so optimistically there is a fair chance the next cover I get for him will be one I can apply…

I originally was going to pull my cp also, but I have decided to save that until thor comes out. I have 265 pulls atm in cp pending so I should be able to cover him too when out, im also optimistically hoping they mess the odds on pull rates again and I can take advantage of the 25%.

So im waiting on CS to swap my covers over but atm ive been playing with PP. He is my first champed 5 star and a lot of fun. A little squishy against the bigger 5 star teams im now seeing but its given the game something new for me to do which was good as it was approaching stagnation there for a while.


  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    Nice to see you got all 3 covered. Strange the 4*s didn’t though. I’m wondering if I could finish dd (10 covers) and Peter Parker (11 covers) in ~60 pulls (I already pulled 210). I’m jealous of your 6 bonus black bolts. I only got the 1 and I set it to gambit where I got 19 more. I was originally going to set black bolt as bonus hero but didn’t want to end up with dd and spidey without finishing gambit. 
  • YoikYoik Posts: 241 Tile Toppler
    Well there is a fair chance you will get 9 cover for your 60. And you have the added benefit of the cover swap. You would have to be mightily unlucky not to cover them. If they all end up being Gambit then you just make him stronger too I guess
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,304 Chairperson of the Boards
    Congrats @Yoik. I'm not sure what day you're on, but there's a Black Bolt Green coming on Day 1450, so your Bolt will be at least 5/1/5. (Yes, the dreaded double-5 scenario...)
  • YoikYoik Posts: 241 Tile Toppler
    Ha Thanks! @blackboltrocks im on 1407 so something to look forward to..
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,150 Chairperson of the Boards
     That's a heck of a run on the BH. I pulled roughly 290 times from Latests (or release event stores) over the course of about six weeks and got exactly one BH.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    I also only got 1x 5* bonus hero from 275 pulls. 
  • kennn712kennn712 Posts: 68 Match Maker
    This makes my mini half-hoard pull feel super lucky. In 166 pulls I received 37 5* for a 22% rate PLUS 6 5* BH's leaving it at 43/166 being 5*
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