PvP Progression, give the option

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Clearly there is a lot of discussion on this issue, so apologies if this has been suggested before.

But why not do the obvious: offer both. Just like one chooses at which SCL to enter PvE, one could choose to enter points-based or wins-based PvP brackets. I'm guessing there are plenty of players, enough for both. Obviously it would double the total number of rewards awarded, but it is not like there is an actual cost associated as there would be for a physical prize (as opposed to intellectual property, which is infinitely replicable). And the overall roster dilution would be negligible relative to other factors (new players, new characters, etc.).

Thoughts? (Or point me to an existing thread already discussing this, please.)


  • broll
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    I think there are better options than a toggle that if someone clicks incorrect by mistake they are locked into having a bad time.  That problem already exists with SCL selection.

    Better options:
    1.   Drop the points idea and just don't take away loss from progression total.  The primary benefit of the win based system remains (no backsliding progression) while the primary benefit of points system (MMR / scaling value somewhat based on difficult) also remains.
    2.  Have both with a whichever comes first strategy.  Example lowest reward is available at 1 win / 100 points (whichever comes first) final reward is at 40 wins / 1200 points.

    Either of these would satisfy most of the complaints (assuming they leave the CP in progression, if that goes into placement again with either of the above most vets would still hate it).