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  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
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    mpqr7 said:
    In a week, I've made it to 13 pulls-worth of tokens and cp. So now, I just need to spend another 30 or so weeks, and then I'll have 300 worth. When do people usually start emptying their hoard into Latest in order to get at least one 5* to 13 covers? I hope to do that, and then maybe I'll go back and try to win more Classic 5*s through sheer luck. We'll see.
    To answer your question: I've seen some charts and there's no guaranteed amount, just a probability of course.  Going with the law of averages, you should get one 5* cover every 7 pulls, which is spread out among 3 characters, but it's probability not evenly spread out, so it could be 13, 12, 11 covers = 36 covers = 252 LL pulls, in theory.  Since CS is willing to swap covers from latest, 13 covers is enough, but you might as well wait to cover all 3 Latest 5*s, which could be spread out 15, 14, 13 covers = 42 covers = 294 pulls.  You can round up to 300 pulls to be on the safe side. 

    But there's 2 things that make the starting LT/CP amount less than 300 pulls - Champion rewards and Bonus Heroes.  You should get one 5* BH cover every 140 pulls, in theory.  And you can use that BH to try and even out the 5* cover distribution among the latest 3 characters.  Since all the extra 4* covers are going to a small pool of 4*s, you could get a bunch of LT and CP champ rewards, assuming you have the ISO to champ the newest 4*s.  So, if you start with 260 pulls, you should get about 28 extra pulls from champ rewards, totaling 288 pulls, which should give you 2 x 5* BH covers.  This equals 43 covers spread among 3 characters. 

    But there's something else that can reduce the starting amount: the number of weeks until the oldest 5* leaves the pool after opening your hoard.  If you can consistently pull 13 LL per week, and the oldest 5* leaves the pool in 3 weeks, then you can open your hoard at 221 pulls and get the remaining 39 pulls later.  So, the time in the 5* cycle affects how many starting pulls you need.

    If you can get 13 LL pulls a week with tokens and CP, then you're nearly there.  Meaning, nearly to the point where you can constantly open LL and fully cover 5*s during their 18 week rotation in Latest.  According to my calculations, it takes about 15 pulls a week to do that.  So, once you're there, you don't need to hoard anymore.
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 694 Critical Contributor
    I´m now at 110 LTs and >1500 CP. 

    I´ll spend some of my CP tomorrow in order to get my 4* GRocket & Gamora fully covered / championed.
  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm getting there......the day when I finally open the hoard.  I've been hoarding since November, spending some CP along the way to build my 4*s.  But lately I've been getting enough latest 4* covers, that I can save ALL of my CP and accelerate my hoarding rate.   Right now I've got 93 LTs and 1660 CP totaling 159 pulls.  If I can save up 10 pulls per week, then that's 10 more weeks before hitting the magic number of 260. 

    This cuts things very close because in about 10 weeks, Hawkeye will be leaving the latest legends pool, and he is the 5* I want the most.
  • edgewriteredgewriter Posts: 68 Match Maker
    Hoarding does not fix the RNG issue. You cound have  a million Iso and be waiting for 4 Star Gamora to be added to the Legendary store. Then Pull five blues in a row and end up with seven or eight unusable covers before you have one champable four star in your roster. All that hoarding for nothing.
  • blargrxblargrx Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    been hoarding for over a year. got 202 LT and 4800 CP. I would have had more, but got drunk one day and burned about 500 cp classic pulls
  • stephmorrisstephmorris Age Unconfirmed Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    I'm hoarding as well 77Lt's and 3475cp's.  Waiting for 2 new 5* to join latest and then going shopping.
  • YoikYoik Posts: 241 Tile Toppler
    Yoik said:

    As of this morning I have 1289 CP 69 Ledge tokens.


    Ill keep going until SL is out of latest or they make him viable and I have 250 plus pulls

    So still hoarding:


    1.9MM Iso available
    4,515 CP
    174 Ledge
    354 latest pulls.


    Ive decided to wait until Dr oct leaves. 50 odd more days to go so I think ill have 400 plus pulls by then. Funny to see how far ive come.

  • brollbroll Posts: 4,731 Chairperson of the Boards
    62 LTs & 2842 CP (hoarding since Aprilish, around the time Vaulting got announced)
  • PsychoNrOnePsychoNrOne Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    Right now, I'm sitting on 14 LT's and 808 CP. Started my hoard about one month ago. My reason: ISO-shortage (720k ISO, but with 3* champion rewards, Nick Fury, C4clops & XFW will get to 13 covers in the next few weeks... and Spider-Woman is also waiting to be champed)
  • vinsensualvinsensual Age Unconfirmed Posts: 458 Mover and Shaker
    Been hoarding since late last year.  I'm scared I missed the bus as far as unique, and strong, 5* skillsets go.  Every time they announce the new 5* details I find something to gripe about.  Currently, I'm annoyed that Spidey and DD share a green nuke.  I'm waiting out Doc Oc, another green nuker. 
  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 427 Mover and Shaker
    Threw 720 CP at 5* Hawkeyes' Purple cover to put him at 2/3/4. I just felt there was almost no way I could get that 2nd purple cover by normal RNG and I've got a bunch of teams I can put him on now and accelerate the gameplan. 
  • maguirenumber6maguirenumber6 Posts: 455 Mover and Shaker
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    Started hoarding on October 25th, decided to hoard LTs and CP (and elite and heroics, from today). I will be opening them all on Christmas Day.

    9 + 282/20 = 23.1 possible pulls so far.

    Will continue to hoard until the man in the red suit comes to visit. And I don't mean Deadpool. Althought that would be cool too.

    UPDATE: Nov 22nd - 17 + 502/20 = 42.1 pulls
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,731 Chairperson of the Boards
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    I ended up pulling my hoard a little early to get the double dipped XP benefit of opening tokens + applying at higher XP.  Opened 203 + 3 more I got from rewards.  Got my DD to 13 (cover swap requested) my 5pidey to 10, and my Gambit to 8.  I'll pull a few when Thor comes out so I can at least roster him, but other than I'm hoarding again until after DD leaves or later.  

    5* percent was a little low at around 11% and I did get 1 5* BH, but it was unusable.  BP from 6/4/2 > 7/4/2.  I did however champ and level Rogue to 285 and now I've got almost all my remaining 4*s covered.  I'm only missing 17 covers across 6 characters (and 6 of those are Nightcrawler).

    I now have 2 5*s at 13 Thanos and DD.  Probably won't champ either until I get a third.  Leaving BP as 5* BH as that seems like a solid team, but Gambit seems like could be great too.
  • RunningManRunningMan Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
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    Ok, might as well add my stats to this poll.  Been hoarding since early April (after I max covered Strange, Thanos, Panther, after pulling my previous hoard + a few extra pulls to finish Thanos).  Been waiting to max cover a few more 5s before champing them so I have a wider selection of champed 5*s to play with.  That should be happening soon as Thor rotates in.  Will probably pull until I get the latest 3 covered (spending LTs first, applying covers, spending earned LTs, then whatever CP I have to).  Bolt will be my BH.  Will then continue hoarding my CP until Bolt is offered with a new 5*.

    Currently at:
      216 LTs
      3 Hornhead
      2 Cosmic
      2 Fan Faves
      3 Mes Amis
      1 FFW
      5915 CP
      3.02M ISO
  • atomzedatomzed Posts: 1,543 Chairperson of the Boards
    adding my records of hoarding. first time i have hoarded for so long. planning to pull it once thor hits the latest. 

    7 oct, 1 LT, 10 CP
    14 Oct, 10 LT, 238 CP
    21 oct, 20 LT, 509 CP
    27 oct, 26 LT, 781 CP
    2 Nov, 34 LT, 967 CP
    10 nov, 47 LT, 1273 CP
    17 nov, 57LT, 1590 CP

    it was interesting to see how much CP and LT i average per week. the 2* and 3* farms are hugely important for the CP/LT gain.
  • CtenkoCtenko Posts: 218 Tile Toppler
    Began my Token Hoard just shortly, after I hit the last 4* champ I wanted. (Medusa.) Now the only Bonus 4 is Vulture, who is woefully undercovered. CP I have been hoarding forever. 

    But we're sitting at 
    4 LT, 1580 CP. I tend to save the command points forever to just buy covers, but I haven't needed to in the last four months. I'm hoping that if I can hit 200 pulls together, I can actually cover a five star I want, before they jump out of latest. 

    Now they just have to make a Five star I want, that isn't Bolt.
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