Heroes not keeping energy earned during gameplay [Solved]

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I have noticed that X force wolverine keeps his energy (that he gets using his yellow ability) after the mission is completed. Yet any energy that kamala khan gives your allies does not carry over when the mission is won. I think this should be changed. earned energy is just that, and it should be kept.  Anyone else have any opinions? Has anyone else noticed this? 


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    Kamala Khan (and others) grants what's called a burst of health. You can also tell that it's different because the part of their health bar that was changed stays green. Bursts of health are not "true" healing, and do wear off after the current fight. 

    It's still very helpful for limiting the amount of damage you take during a match, but can't be used (except in rare cases with other characters that do heal themselves) to end a match with more health than you started with.

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    Most characters that heal themselves get true healing, while all characters that heal allies give the temporary "burst" of health.  

    This was done for game balance reasons.  In the early days of this game, characters that healed allies were so valued that almost no one ran a team without one, and people would play low risk matches just to heal allies before going into a fight.   Some players played more "prologue healing" missions than they did actual, reward-producing game play.

    In a match, you can see what portion of a character's health bar (the + by their health total) is temporary because it appears as green instead of orange.  If a character's health is full but some portion of it is temporary, they can still use a true healing ability to replace some or all of the temporary health with true health.
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