Apocalypse's horseman tile War reduces all damage to him until removed. [Solved]

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[moderator note: I've merged two posts on this issue -- players who missed Apocalypse's damage reduction with "War" tile out, who reported it as a bug specific to another character's attack strength.  As explained below, everything is working correctly in these cases.  -Dayv]

Not sure if it's just in Apocalypse Boss Battle or general but Wolvie's power doesn't appear to be counting any tiles recently changed to black by Cloak & Dagger. i.e I had 8 black on board (strongest colour) then C&D changed some more, fired SS & all black tiles were destroyed but only did 8 tiles worth of damage. Checked again & only appears to count tiles that are black at start of turn & does not check / re-count when power is fired.


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    Update: not sure now, did some more tests & at least sometimes it does count the extra newly created tiles. Maybe some interaction with the horsemen? cleared the horsemen & got the full count, tried with horsemen still active & got reduced damage? or is the description off in the amount of damage done? says '1663' dmg per tile destroyed.

    with horsemen, 11 black, some of which were only just made black by C&D

    after SS, all old black destroyed, new black from board drop but big Al still in the game!

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    War reduces damage done, I believe.
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    Thanks Jaedenkaal, that would explain it. My bad, sorry all, nothing to see here... (i am so embarrassed right now...)
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    So I have been using boosted 4* Cyclops in the Apocalypse boss fights due to his power and usefulness.  I have noticed that his red power is either not doing the full damage it should when you have 10 colorless team up AP or it is incorrectly stated.  According the power, I should be doing over 23,000 damage if I have the 10 colorless AP but instead I am only doing just under 18,000.  There is no protect tiles or anything else on the board that would impact the damage and it is using the 10 colorless AP when I fire the power.  Steam player here fyi too.  When I use the power without having the 10 colorless AP, it appears to be doing the correct damage (around 10,000 or so I believe).  

    Edit: forgot that one of his tiles provides a 25% damage reduction benefit, didn't even realize that until I hit the harder clearance levels.
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    [Marking as solved.]
  • DayvDayv Posts: 4,449 Chairperson of the Boards
    [Merged two threads on this, editing title.]
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