My Cosmic token pulls

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Could not resist anymore and decided to cash in on cosmic token. I don’t know how to get the character badges as well as the colour flags working anymore so please excuse the text format. Note that b = black and u = blue (mtg player) and caps are bonus hero.


Sandman yyppggygp

Vulture ggg

Antman pu

Blade b

Yondo bubuyu

Gwen p

Xfw b

Peggy YRyYUy

Lockjaw uguygy

Xfdp b

Mockingbird ryrpr

C&d bybpy

Riri uggguurr

Venom bbg

Mordo pbpubp

Coulson pp

Hawkeye u

Thor rr

Miles yyy

Luke rr

Px p

Moonknight b

Winter soldier u

Rhulk pgGRRr

Jean p

Gamora bburrbuubu

X23 rpgr

Iron fist ub

War machine u

R&G yguyyg

Carol yy

Cyclops r

Ironman u

Carnage g

Thing rryg

Jessica pb

IW u

Medusa yp

Nova yyr

Punisher bb

Ghost rider bg

Quake ug

Falcon yr

Kingpin p

Reed u

Starlord pp

Wasp yyy

Agent venom ry

Iceman u

Fury upu


Silver Surfer bbururuuuur

Starlord gpygp

Thanos bbbggGgpbGppg

If I have counted right, that’s 163 pulls. 136 were 4*s and 27 were 5*s. 7 bonus heroes for 4*s and 2 for 5*s. That’s very good (didn’t even need customer support to do any cover swap), and now, I have my second and third 5* champions. The only unusable cover is yondu blue. Finished and championed r&g and sandman. 


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    Congrats on your pulls!! 
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    My HP stash hit 15k and I noticed the hero for hire store offering yondu black. His old complete him and make the blue cover usable as champion level. Not a good deal but it beat selling it for iso in 14 days. Besides, I get a latest token to add to the hoard. 
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    Had to pull latest to get the required 5* for pve and it burnt through 10% of my tokens
    Xfw g
    Antman yyp
    Vulture u
    Sandman p
    Iron fist bgbbb
    Jean g
    Miles pry
    Vulture g
    Carol yg
    R&g gy
    Lockjaw u
    Gwen r
    Rhulk RGG
    Punisher u
    Nova r
    Mockingbird ry
    Ghost rider r
    Coulson u
    Fisk p
    Yondu u
    Mordo p
    Elektra p
    Xfdp p
    Cyclops u
    Iceman u
    DD p
    Ock g
    Spidey r
    3 from 39 is below 15% but at least I got one of each. Vulture is a dupe though and I’ll need his other covers to complete him. Also short on iso, need to champion mockingbird and lockjaw before their cover expires.
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