Chandra 2.0 should be redesigned?

WaschechtWaschecht Posts: 76 Match Maker

Chandra 2.0 should be redesigned? 33 votes

Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
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No, Chandra 2.0 is good in her current skill set
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  • WaschechtWaschecht Posts: 76 Match Maker
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    So far 100% in favor of a redesign. Maybe once the dev teams have capacity again they can take a 2nd look at Chandra 2.0
  • wickedwitch74wickedwitch74 Posts: 267 Mover and Shaker
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    God, yes! Her skills are only viable when pitted against an energy deck, and that is a total [email protected] unless it's a PvE game.

    Her mana bonus is great, but most games I don't use her abilities at all!
  • WaschechtWaschecht Posts: 76 Match Maker
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    Thanks @wickedwitch74 would be great to see Chandra in action thanks to useful skills. Otherwise this great Plainswalker is a wasted opportunity 
  • Grenade110Grenade110 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    Absolutely she needs more damage... Just make her first ability deal 1/2/3/4 damage to something along with what does now and she would be way better.
  • wereotterwereotter Posts: 2,064 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    She's got a good start. Her health is a little low, but manageable, and her mana gains are great. Her only problem is that unless you've managed to get really good energy generators, like Dynavolt Tower, then her second and third abilities are useless. This will only be worse when the Kaladesh block rotates out of standard, and the ONLY way she'll be able to get energy to fuel her second and third abilities is by using her first ability and then hope the energized gems stick around long enough to use them.
  • Tilwin90Tilwin90 Posts: 662 Critical Contributor
    edited August 2017
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    Mana gains aside, let's talk about abilities, because besides color combination and mana gains, they are definitory for planeswalkers.

    Chandra's first ability is plain bad. You destroy 4 random gems and energize. The energize is parasitic in this case since outside an energy-based deck it's almost useless. So it's the destroy 4 that's bad. Why? Compare it to Koth's. It can destroy red, therefore most often hit your own supports too. And it costs 9!!! (Compared to Koth's 6) Plus Koth destroys 12 other gems, increasing the chance to hit enemy supports (especially white) and get more cascades. Chandra does NONE of that for the bigger cost.
    How to fix? Not so sure really without getting it too close to Koth. I would make it prioritize non-red support gems to differentiate from Koth and give a different angle to ramp, namely support destruction (but in this case removing 1 shield only).

    Her second ability costs energy. So not only do you have to pay 15 loyalty, but you also need to generate 2 energy somehow. Cute idea, awful implementation! While I can see the 15 damage as being quite relevant, the parasitic cost totally shuts it down. Some might say "sure, generate energy with your first ability", but that assumes you activate previous turn her first ability, next turn her second ability... and assume your opponent (or even yourself) leave 2 energy gems by your next turn. Hell no!
    How to fix? Make it deal plain damage, and if you really want to make it interesting, if that creature is destroyed afterwards, exile it instead (therefore effective against graveyard shenanigans).

    Her last ability has some cute potential, but it's just a bad Dynavolt Tower. Not only does it cost a ton of loyalty and is a support (a.k.a easily removed if it doesn't do something immediately), but it also requires energy to work. Dynavolt at least generates energy itself, removing the parasitic aspect (you cast spells/creatures/supports to energize, then you pop energized gems to deal damage, great!). This once again is a very very bad ability. 
    How to fix? I would start with damage on any SPELL cast without the energy part, but if playtesting shows this gets out of control, it can always be "corrected" by costing mana (instead of energy). Keep in mind this is still a support that can be removed, and that Chandra is monocolored in RED - therefore much less shenanigans than for other planeswalkers like Kiora for instance.
  • TheDragonHermitTheDragonHermit Posts: 464 Mover and Shaker
    Yes, Chandra 2.0 needs a redesign
    Yes she does, so do many others, a lot of the Walkers from her block will be almost as frustrating as Arlinn is now, this ought to be fixed, especially since the latest Walkers will operate well outside of their block. But I doubt it will happen, this will just fall through the cracks.
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