Roster slot competition - which 4* would you pick?

I'm in the uncomfortable position to have several 4* in the queue (Lucky Heroic Pulls). Realistically, I can only roster 3* of them (not going to spend $ on HP).

Current queue:

Punisher (Max)
Miles Morales

Pretty much set on recruiting Max but not sure about the other 2. I like X-23 on paper but never used her. No experience with Drax and don't remember seeing him ever in any team. Spider-Gwen seems decent after her boost, Wolverine is pretty much lowest priority.

Which would be your picks and why?

Thanks in advance!


  • Milk JugzMilk Jugz Posts: 1,122 Chairperson of the Boards
    Best bet, bite the bullet, buy the HP and roster all 6, but if you must...

    -Absolutely, Pun. He's a beast.
    -Definitely take X-23, she's a pain in the..... in Versus
    -If you have someone that generates a lot of CD tiles, example Agent Coulson or even Sentry, Drax is a good choice. His rework made him much better.

    I have a soft spot a X-Force Wolvie.... One of my first champ 4, when I did him, Cyclops, and XF Deadpool all at once. But, there are better characters, for sure.

    Another option would be to take both the spider kids. Despite their color overlap they play well together with all the web tile manipulation going on. But, I think the first three I mentioned would make a bigger splash on your roster.

  • JarvindJarvind Posts: 1,684 Chairperson of the Boards
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    I'd go for Punisher and X23 for sure. Punisher is a beast, and while X23 isn't gamebreakingly good, her healing gives her a ton of staying power in long grinds.

    For the third I'd almost certainly go for Spider-Gwen. She's really good since her rework. I would actually consider Drax if you have 4* Rocket and Groot up and running, as he makes a good partner for them - Guardians tag gets you the boosted strikes, zero color overlap, and R&G's blue will trigger his purple passive every turn once it's out.
  • TheHungryPetTheHungryPet Posts: 229 Tile Toppler
    edited August 2017
    I've lucked out with HP so I was able to roster Spider-Gwen and X-23 so far. Will be able to do Max as well (order is based on expiration) and I have two 2* that I might be able to retire if I can get them up from 140 to 144 in three days (Don't like this strategy but it pushes out the deadline out by 14 days which is enough time to accumulate the 2000 HP for roster slots to re-roster the 2*). This means that I'll be able to roster Max and Miles. I think I'll earn enough HP for Drax until his first cover expires (got a second one from Star Lord champ rewards).

    Looks like XFW will kick the bucket which I can live with. :smiley:
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