I can has Samut?

I just today purchased the weekly special 600 crystal pack and was very happy with my pull of new cards. Got something like 6 NEW rares, including Sifter Wurm, Overcome, and Obelisk Spider. I could see Overcome making it in to a lot of green decks as a finisher. Now I want Planeswalker Samut to be released so I can build some kind of R/G ramp exert deck. 


  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 240 Tile Toppler
    Welp. Opened a paper Samut in a casual draft last night. The God Pharoah smiled upon me, but he is a real jerkface. I never even drew Samut over the course of 7 games!!! Ultimately I went 1 in 2. Turns out aggro beats loses to blue control big time.
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