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Funny Cycle Combo

BlorbleflorpBlorbleflorp Age Unconfirmed Posts: 47 Just Dropped In
My new favorite build for Tezzeret The Schemer. Too funny and a lot of fun!

The cyclers:
- Curator of Mysteries
- Vizier of Tumbling Sands
- Shimmerscale Drake
- Hieroglyphic Illumination
- Floodwaters (very important)
- Stir the Sands

The combos
- Kefnet's Monument (If you own New Perspectives, use that duh)
- Drake Haven
- Faith of the Devoted (Usually the win con)
- Alhammarret's Archive

It is SO much fun. Even with the monument in place of new perspectives, you can just cycle for days. Easily stack up 40+ drakes in a single turn, syphon 100 life (gain even more with the archive), and fog every turn with Floodwaters to stall a dicey board until Faith can end the game. I want to try this with Dovin Baan using Drake Haven alongside Anointed Procession to make a literal army of Drakes. 


  • GregDreherGregDreher Posts: 97 Match Maker
    Curator of Mysteries, Drake Haven, New Perspectives.
    7 other cycling cards with cycling cost 3 or less.
    (If not Standard, 6 cycling cards and Haunted Cloak.)

    It's a boring slog, but it's very hard to lose with these three cards on the battlefield.  This core can be played with any blue planeswalker.
  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 876 Critical Contributor
    Thank you for Faith of the Devoted tip. I have missed it for my  blue/black cycling deck.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 770 Critical Contributor
    hmm mine is sort of like the i use curator and new perspectives but baral , zombies spells and herald of anguish. one is filling the cycling cards other filling the spells plus 2 kill spells one being lethal sting i dont have to worry much about mana  no defenders but if you get a good start hand she takes of and scorches them before they can even get cards out
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