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Just wanted to share a brief update that we moved to a new editor for our forums with the Rich Editor experience (previously WYSIWYG). We believe this will provide a better experience for all forum visitors in the long run. If you are interested in learning more about the new editor, please visit the URL below.

And please let us know if you find any bugs/issues with the new editor by emailing us at [email protected] and we will pass along this feedback to the team.

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PSA: New Sub-Category: Planeswalker Details (7/31/17)

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,736 Site Admin
Hi Everyone,

You might have noticed that all of the official Planeswalker threads have disappeared from the Deck Strategy & Planeswalker Discussion category. Not to worry. They weren't removed. Instead, we've been doing some house-cleaning to remove the clutter on this page, so that there aren't 20+ announcements listed.

You'll now notice a new sub-category called Planeswalker Details. This area will contain all the official discussion threads for all Planeswalkers in the game. Only moderators and admins will be able to start discussions here, however all forum users will still be able to comment. 

Please let us know your thoughts on this new system, as well as if we missed adding any threads.


Update: Since there seem to be several Planeswalkers missing, I will also be creating new official threads for them.


  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 876 Critical Contributor
    edited August 2017
    Thank you, I think it is a good idea.
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