Missing card packs

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Anyone else having the issue of not receiving card packs when purchasing mythic cards with purple "gems"? I have saved up my gems and made a purchase of two mythic and one rare. It quite clearly says mythic + pack and rare + pack but only received the two mythic and the rare card and nothing else. Have contacted support but am expecting the same generic email that it's my fault and the packs have been opened and placed in my inventory while I was on the way to the moon. Any any new cards will be automatically marked as seen because I lost connection while on that moon trip. 


  • hawkyh1
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    it should read 'mythic+' one card pack
    'rare+' one card pack. ie the single card
    you get for 400 jewels is of the mythic+

  • Helgaroth
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    Thx for clearing that up for me. Perhaps it should read mythic card and not suggest that there is a mythic (card) + pack . So there is one card in the "pack." That I can accept but that is not what they are saying. Hating to sound pedantic but a pack is a group of similar things. Not one.