Help VS Neheb, The Worthy scenario?

Killa_MatticKilla_Mattic Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
This is the third event facing him.

I'm sick of losing.

Any deck ideas or special cards needed to beat him?  Desperate for help here... Guild is quiet...



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Just Dropped In
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    Go white with the card "cast out" to disable all three creatures that drop on the board. Then a bunch of cycling cards to dig out cast out. The totem guide haarte something to grab cast out. I use aviary mechanic to bounce the totem to my hand if i cant get to a cast out. Vizier of deferment for delaying until you get cast out.

    Priority is getting cast out on the board and locking down the creatures.

    Hope that helps.

    By the way this probably in the wrong section. I think "Events" "trial of zeal" would be more appropriate
  • LaeuftbeidirLaeuftbeidir Posts: 1,839 Chairperson of the Boards
    Without many mythics involved I just outrace him with lifelink. Ignore everything that doesn't become lethal (like the glory ringer - that guy has to go quickly), and use a pw that buffs your creatures (ajani 2, nahiri)
  • AresOmegaAresOmega Age Unconfirmed Posts: 75 Match Maker
    I do the same as Laeuftbeidir. Play Gideon3 and just race to smash him before he can queue up the trial / cartouche kill combo over and over again. I also pack 2 support removal spells in the deck to derail that little trick he throws out.
  • Killa_MatticKilla_Mattic Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Thanks guys! Got him with 22/22 zombie with lifelink! Luckily got Lilianas Mastery along with stir the sands and cartouche and some kill cards! ;)
  • arNeroarNero Posts: 358 Mover and Shaker
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    I happen to have Gaea's Revenge, so he's often my MVP against Neheb, reason being that compared to the other bosses, his deck is considerably loaded with spot removals (Temet being the other b**ch with too many removals), on top of Cruel Reality, so by having a creature with Hexproof, I basically prevent him from using removal, plus helps me with the "Lose X or less creatures" objective. GW Ajani Cast Out + Revenge usually eats him.

    Other than that, well, difficult. Sorin Cast Out + Cycling combo theoretically could work; you don't give him fuel for his kill spells, and Faith of the Devoted can help win you the game slowly...
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