Latest Legends and Classic Legends Suggestion

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There are many complaints and issues with the new "Vaulting" system and especially the "Vintage" tokens only offered during the off-season.

 The devs say that the reason they split the 5*s and vaulted all but the latest 12 4*s are because of dilution. 

Ok, fine.

 But the solutions offered are less than stellar. 

 The complaints about Vintage tokens, are the number of 2*s that are drawn, since the odds are the same as the standard Heroic tokens. 

 The issues with Classic Legends tokens are, the only reason to pull them, is in the hopes you might get a useable Classic 5*, and that they save you 5 CP.

 Let's combine and simplify these and toss in a little bit of the Elite tokens.

Latest Legends:

Leave as is-

Latest 3 5*s

Latest 12 4*s

Classic Legends:

Make them truly "Classic"

All but the latest 3 5*s

All but the latest 12 4*s

Classic Elites:

All "Vaulted" 3*s

Standard 2*s

Using the current odds of current Elite tokens.

Classic Elite tokens could be still given out during off-season both for PvP AND PvE progression and placement rewards during the off-season.

I believe these changes could greatly benefit the player base, without impacting the bottom line negatively.

These changes would give players access to the characters they choose.

It would help many mid-game players the chance to catch up on some of the older 4*s that they might still need a few covers for. It would give many long term players the same advantage. I know many players that hoarded their CP and Latest tokens for a long time, because they would only pull when they had sufficient iso-8 to champ anything they pulled. When the vaulting happened this left many players in the 1-2 yr range with many 4*s missing covers. 

 With the greatly appreciated iso-8 increase, it is now possible to champ a 4* in 2 weeks or less. Where before these changes it could take a month. Making it possible to champ those Classic 4*s much more likely if these token changes were to occur.

Please devs and mods, consider these changes.


Thank You,


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    My solution would make the Recruit Heroes section slightly more complicated but also reduce the amount of screens we swipe through while also opening up more player friendly options.

    1) Unify tokens wherever possible.   2 examples below:
    Legendary Token: Represents a token that can be used in a 4* or better store page.  This includes Latest Legends and Classic Legends.
    Heroic Token: Represents a token that can be used in a 2, 3 or 4*  store page.  This includes Heroic store and Vintage store.

    2) Apply the latest philosophy for ALL 4*'s and 5*'s in the game.  Example using 4's below:
    Heroic Latest: Contains the 12 most recent 4's.  This is what we have now.
    Heroic Recent: Contains the NEXT 12 most recent 4's.
    Heroic Classic: Contains the NEXT 12 most recent 4's.
    Heroic Vintage: Contains the NEXT 12 most recent 4's.
    *Any heroic token could be used on ANY of the above heroic stores.

    3) Reduce store clutter:
    Now we have a unique page with Heroic and another for Vintage Heroic.
    The proposed idea would have every page load up defaulted to LATEST versions. 

    The top banner would now read LATEST HEROIC with the 3 main 1x, 10x, 40x buy options we see now.   The only thing you add are new sub menu buttons that are slightly smaller and sit below Heroic.  Those buttons would read Heroic Recent, Heroic Classic, Heroic Vintage.  Selecting that convert the store to the appropriate type and people could then focus on that batch.

    - More player choice
    - Fixes Dilution problems in 4* and 5* tiers (even 3* if you want to change those up with the heroic rooms)
    - Fewer store rooms to click through
    Pretty much a win all around as far as I can tell.
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