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prevent damage and ridiculous pack dupes

ninjadinosirninjadinosir Age Unconfirmed Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
Firstly, prevent damage has been causing none of my destroy spells to work, causing the 3rd node of trial of zeal to be nigh impossible as I don't have enough lifegain in the new sets. I don't know if this is purposeful, but I really hope not...
Secondly, I bought the 600 crystal white week pack (consists of 2 premium packs and 1 white pack). In the first premium pack, I got a total of 7 'shred weakness's, 3 of them in a row in one of the packs. In the second I had better luck but still got 3 sets of pairs that showed up next to each other in the same pack. I don't know if this is just RNG nonsense or if there is a glitch.


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