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So I have had this thought for a while but do you think the covers are treated as c/u/r?  They tell us the odds to get a character but not a specific cover. We may assume they are even but there are so many horror stories of 0/8/0 or something similar. My C4ge at 9/7/1 sure feels that way at times. Just seeing other people's thoughts 


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    My tinfoil hat has sometimes felt the same (thank you, my 2/9/3 wasp would LOVE another blue)... But they have either implied or out right stated early on that it's equal chance. Law of averages blah blah not single case outcomes kind of stuff.

    I know a Dev commented long ago that the tile generation algorithm is random with the exception of the tutorial. He actually checked it and then responded in the forums. I know that had been a long standing theory as well :smile:

    Edit: In case people wanted citation for the tile algorithm. Good reporting and such -
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