Do you ever feel that you'll win, no matter what?

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My husband makes fun of me about this, but it seems like he's generally right.

If you have a decent enough team, and you just randomly swipe colors and shoot off powers, you'll pretty much always win, right? Or is it really "strategy" that gets you through?

I know that if you're more careful, you'll destroy CDs before they go off and prevent foes from gathering up their necessary AP to launch powers..... but how much does that really matter? icon_e_biggrin.gif

I'm curious if someone spends a whole day just "randomly" swiping and launching powers, and if they find that it ends up being faster or slower than normal, or if they use less or more healthpacks etc etc.

You can do it in pve with some of the 50+ characters that are just sitting around in your stash, never being used.


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