El Satanno's token hoard: Season XXXVIII

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Yo ho ho! I opened a bunch of tokens, but they've been split in twain. I was racing excess Medusa covers so I popped the cherry on about half just before they fizzled. Interestingly enough, the same thing happened with Carol at the end of the season. I've split my usual post in half to reflect that division. As always, significant pulls are in bold, bonus heroes in italics. Here she goes!

The hoard (first half):
  • 126 silver tokens
  • 96 elite tokens
  • 1 Heroic 10-pack
  • 81 mixed gold tokens
  • 347 command points
The pulls:
Silver tokens (126)
Blade (purple)
Rocket & Groot (blue)
  • 2* pulls: 23 (18.2%)
  • 3* pulls: 1 (0.7%)
Elite tokens (96)
Patch (green)
Blade (black, green x2)
Black Panther (blue)
Kamala Khan (purple)
Loki (black)
Spider-Man (purple x2, blue)
Rocket & Groot (blue x2, yellow)
Rocket & Groot (green)
Beast (yellow, blue x2, green)
Iron Man (yellow x2)
Daredevil (blue)
Iron Fist (black)
Squirrel Girl (yellow x2, green)
Captain America (red x2)
Scarlet Witch (purple)
Falcon (blue)
Luke Cage (black)
Black Widow (red)
  • 3* pulls: 24 (25%)
  • Bonus heroes 7/24 (29.1%)
Heroic 10-pack (1)
Rocket & Groot (blue), Captain America (yellow), Black Panther (yellow), Black Widow (purple), Rocket & Groot (blue)
  • 3* pulls: 4 (40%)
  • 4* pulls: 0
  • Bonus heroes: 1/4 (25%)
Gold Heroic tokens (40)
Carol Danvers (green x2)
Spider-Woman (red)
Iron Fist (black, green, purple)
Rocket & Groot (blue)
Agent Venom (yellow)
Mordo (blue, black, purple)
Doctor Strange (purple)
Black Panther (yellow)
Luke Cage (red)
Black Widow (green)
Medusa (purple)
  • 3* pulls: 7 (17.5%)
  • 4* pulls: 7 (17.5%)
  • Bonus heroes: 2 (14.2%)
Avengers vs. Ultron (3)
Luke Cage (black)
Beast (blue)

Get Fisted (5)
Captain America (yellow)
Beast (blue)
Rocket & Groot (green)
Squirrel Girl (yellow)

Sticks & Stones (5)
Doctor Strange (blue)
Rocket & Groot (yellow)
Spider-Man (purple)

Teenage Riot (5)
Doctor Strange (yellow)
Daredevil (purple)

No Good News (3)
Mordo (blue)
Medusa (purple)

Simulator (7, vault)
Luke Cage (red)
Quicksilver (green)
Legendary Token
Peggy Carter

Enemy of the State (10, vault)
Sentry (green)
Thanos (green)
Iron Man (blue)

Meet Rocket & Groot (4, vault)
Spider-Man (yellow)
  • 3* pulls: 14 (33.3%)
  • 4* pulls: 3 (7.1%)
  • Bonus heroes: 4/17 (23.5%)
Classic Legends (305 command points = 15 pulls / note: 120 CP held in reserve)
Peggy Carter (yellow x3)
Agent Venom (yellow)
Bruce Banner (purple)
Luke Cage (black)
Silver Surfer (red)
Spider-Woman (black x2, purple)
Blade (black, red)
Wasp (yellow)
Medusa (purple)
Agent Coulson (blue)
  • 5* pulls: 2 (13.3%)
  • Bonus heroes: 0
Total Iso from cover sales, champion rewards, and 2* farming: 346,950

The hoard (second half)
  • 132 silver tokens
  • 94 elite tokens
  • 100 mixed gold tokens
  • 3 Heroic 10-packs
  • 493 command points
  • 3 special Legendary tokens
The pulls:
Silver tokens (132)
Kamala Khan (green)
Beast (green)
  • 2* pulls: 31 (23.4%)
  • 3* pulls: 1 (0.7%)
Elite tokens (94)
Cyclops (yellow, red)
Loki (purple, green)
Kamala Khan (green)
Deadpool (black x2, red)
Spider-Man (purple)
Black Widow (purple, red)
Scarlet Witch (green, blue)
Doctor Strange (blue)
Beast (green x2)
Blade (black, green)
Squirrel Girl (green)
Storm (yellow x4)
Iron Man (blue x2)
Luke Cage (black)
  • 3* pulls: 20 (21.2%)
  • Bonus heroes: 6/20 (30%)
Heroic 10-packs (3)
Spider-Man (yellow, blue), Thanos (black), Rocket & Groot (yellow), Blade (black), Storm (yellow)
Peggy Carter (yellow), Captain America (yellow), Patch (red), Black Panther (yellow)
Black Widow (green), Falcon (blue), Spider-Woman (black), Doctor Strange (blue), Carol Danvers (black)
  • 3* pulls: 11 (36.6%)
  • 4* pulls: 2 (6.6%)
  • Bonus heroes: 2/13 (15.3%)
Gold Heroic tokens (67)
Falcon (purple x2)
Black Panther (blue)
Medusa (purple, yellow)
Gwenpool (green)
Deadpool (red, purple)
Squirrel Girl (green)
Riri Williams (red)
Black Widow (green)
Doctor Strange (yellow)
Storm (green)
Patch (green)
Agent Coulson (blue)
Iron Man (red)
Iron Fist (purple)
Loki (green)
Daredevil (purple)
  • 3* pulls: 13 (19.4%)
  • 4* pulls: 5 (7.4%)
  • Bonus heroes: 1/18 (5.5%)
Venom Bomb (4)
Luke Cage (yellow)
Storm (black)
Iron Fist (purple)

Fresh Cut (3)
Luke Cage (black)

Coversquirrel (5)
Black Panther (purple)
Scarlet Witch (purple)
Storm (yellow)

Fatal Attraction (5)
Squirrel Girl (green)
Thanos (green)

Hollowpoint Kiss (5)
Scarlet Witch (blue)
Doctor Strange (purple)

Last Defender (5)
Iron Fist (blue)
Spider-Man (purple)

The Hulk (5, vault)
Falcon (blue)
Psylocke (blue)

Thick as Thieves (7, vault)
Deadpool (purple)
Thor (yellow)
Patch (yellow)
Luke Cage (red)

Juggernaut: Heroic (4, vault)
Cyclops (black)
  • 3* pulls: 14 (32.5%)
  • 4* pulls: 3 (6.9%)
  • Bonus heroes: 2 (18.8%)
Bag of Tricks (3)
Medusa (yellow)
Blade (black)
Wasp (black)

Classic Legends (364 command points = 18 pulls)
Agent Coulson (yellow x 3)
Blade (green x2)
Agent Venom (red x2, yellow)
Wasp (black x2, blue x3, yellow)
Luke Cage (red, black)
Peggy Carter (red)
Mordo (purple x2, black x2)
Iron Man (blue, red)
Phoenix (purple)
Riri Williams (red, blue)
Carol Danvers (black)
Spider-Woman (red)
Carol Danvers (yellow)
  • 5* pulls: 3 (16.6%)
  • Bonus heroes: 1 (5.5%)

Total Iso from cover sales, champion rewards and 2* farming: 424,250

5* pull rate: 15.1%
Current overall 5* pull rate: 11.4%

Ramblings, observations and (purely subjective) conclusions:
  1. As mentioned above, I came into this season racing three Medusa covers and popped my hoard before they expired. At that time, I pulled three more Medusa covers...all **** purple. I very literally screamed out loud. Then I spent 120 CP to buy her 13th cover. No regrets; Medusa is really good. It does, however, serve as a really strong illustration of just how frustrating the 6th cover issue is and also how the vaulting system can amplify that frustration. Yuck city.
  2. Interestingly enough, I ended up in an identical situation with Carol Danvers after that, but fortune smiled on me and I pulled the final yellow I needed first. There is a curious epilogue to this story: Medusa was 3/4/5 going in and all my pulls only produced the color I didn't need. Carol was 5/2/5 with two green covers pending going into the second half, yet I still managed to get that final cover at the very end. Additionally, my 0/2/5 Coulson went to 3/3/5 with only one blue cover waiting on the pyre. Rather surprising how it all works out. Still not better than not having to worry about the wrong color, though!
  3. After all that, I ended up champing both Mordo and making use of the stray cover of his that I had, despite having no intention of doing so. I have no intention of doing anything but waiting on the extra Riri cover, too, however fate seems to have a funny way of getting me to champ everyone. Time will tell.
  4. Am I the only one who giggles a little bit every time I pull Storm, Cage, Blade, etc. black? Especially writing it down, I have to laugh and go, "duh." Now if only Wasp had a white cover...
  5. I'm pretty sure my methodology is correct on Bonus Heroes; that is, I'm calculating the number received against any pulls which make one possible. If so, Bonus Heroes are pretty much paying out like mad for 3*, and about expected for 4* heroes, while 5* remains like unto the Loch Ness Monster. Oh, I've heard of them, sure. Never seen one, though.
  6. Speaking of which, all these bonus heroes are working nicely to get my 3* roster maxed out. Thanks to this season's haul, Rocket & Groot have their 13-cover dupe in place, Beast is at 266 with a 13-cover dupe, and Storm's dupe is coming along. MOAR FARMING!
Last, but not least, it's griping time.

The 5* tier sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. I'm not going to opine on the Logan debacle, suffice it to say I am most displeased by the entire operation. I still like the game and all, but that top end seems to never stop being the worst thing about it. To quote my comrade-in-arms Daiches: "This game was so much better before 5*." Ramen to that, brother.

Vaulting sucks, but would suck a whole lot less if there were no 6th cover headaches. Make it stop!

That's all I got. Keep running on that treadmill, y'all. I will be, and I'll be hoarding all the way along. See you again next season...or halfway! I've got Coulson covers to race!


  • PolaresPolares Posts: 2,490 Chairperson of the Boards
    5 land sucks, it is true, but I have to say that it sucks a bit less when you manage to champ 8+ 5s AND when you start having 4s in the 340 range. Being able to use different teams makes the game so much better again.

    The only thing thing that keeps sucking and I am on the impression that it will just go to even worse is scaling in PvE. I got three of my 5s to the 460 range, and now my max scaling is 450. Goons, 2s and 3s is not a big deal but 4s at that level are killing machines and even Strange and Bolt have problems with those. And the problem is that for every extra cover I get for those 5s my enemies get even stronger because every new level for those 4s is a big deal. But hey, some day we might get scl9 and then PvE difficulty will be based on SCLs instead of our roster...

    PS: Great to see that you managed to get the mighty 15%! In this pull.
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