Your last bonus hero pull?

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We have a massive thread for legendary token pulls, so how about one for bonus heroes?
I earned and opened my seasonal heroic 10-pack tonight, and while it wasn't a star-speckled wonder (no four stars) it was still pretty good - four star.pngstar.pngstar.png covers and TWO bonus heroes. Both bonus heroes were:
star.pngstar.pngstar.pnggreenflag.png Thanos, bringing him up to 171, the same level as my (very) recently championed 3Strange.

I think in total since the introduction of bonus heroes I've pulled seven bonus 3 stars, two bonus 4 stars (Nova (2/4/0) and Kingpin (2/4/3)), and zero bonus five stars.


  • OrionOrion Posts: 1,295 Chairperson of the Boards
    When I recently opened my 78 Legendary tokens, I got 2 bonus 5* Thanos and 2 bonus 4* RHulk.

    But today I got a bonus 3* Thanos from a Standard token. He's my only 3* BH and he's up to level 197.
  • TazFTWTazFTW Posts: 695 Critical Contributor
    3* Thanos. My only 3* BH chosen. I'm using him to (very slowly) farm RHulk.
  • WumpushunterWumpushunter Posts: 627 Critical Contributor
    I pulled a Kamala Khan 3 star.png and got a blackflag.png Thanos 3 star.png bonus, just on a normal elite token.
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    I got a bonus Thanos from a standard token yesterday.
  • BullsBulls Posts: 141 Tile Toppler
    Out of 12 standard tokens Ive opened yesterday Ive got strange with bonus thanos and thanos with bonus thanos icon_e_smile.gif
  • SummerGlauSummerGlau Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,027 Chairperson of the Boards
    The ever popular double pull from a Standard yielded Mohawk Storm
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 694 Critical Contributor
    I got icon_deadpool.pngpurpleflag.png with icon_beast.pnggreenflag.png as my bonus hero from a standard token this morning.
  • KingDonKingDon Age Unconfirmed Posts: 173 Tile Toppler
    From the season 10 pack, 1 x 4* (no bonus) 4 x 3* with 2 x Thanos_Icon.png as a bonus (to take him to 175, only 8 more covers for the icon_redhulk.png and I will be able to champ)
  • grannegranne Posts: 852 Critical Contributor
    20 commandpoints.png just got me a medusa_icon.pngpurpleflag.png with a bonus icon_lukecage.pngyellowflag.png .

    My previously 3/5/3 Cage was very pleased to see the yellow, my 3/2/5 Medusa was less so to see her magenta, especially as I'd pulled her sixth from the taco vault about 10 seconds earlier.

    Oh well, they can join the two Cage blacks in my queue (both of which were bonuses) and keep them company now that I've sold off the other two Cage blacks (one of which was a bonus).
  • StraycatStraycat Posts: 962 Critical Contributor
    The token_legendary.png from howard_icon.png Clash of the titans:

    redflag.png Agent icon_venom.png with a bonus yellowflag.pngicon_caroldanvers.png

    Unusable for my 2/5/5 Carol, but I am cautiously optimistic I can champ her in 2 weeks
  • Virus_Type_VVirus_Type_V Posts: 117 Tile Toppler
    2 standard tokens... 2 bonus heros...!

    M40 blueflag.png --> bonus SWitch blueflag.png
    Blade blackflag.png --> bonus Thanos greenflag.png

    It was weird... a good weird...
  • drag0n41drag0n41 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 86 Match Maker
    My last bonus pull was from a Venom Bomb token.
    Pulled 4 star.pngicon_ironfist.pngblueflag.png got bonus 4 star.pngicon_caroldanvers.pngyellowflag.png
    that brought my icon_caroldanvers.png to 3/5/5 with 3 greens waiting so just need ISO to champ her.
  • FelessaFelessa Posts: 160 Tile Toppler
    granne wrote:
    Oh well, they can join the two Cage blacks in my queue (both of which were bonuses) and keep them company now that I've sold off the other two Cage blacks (one of which was a bonus).
    Oh, and I'm desesperated in need of two C4ge blackflag.png for my 5/1/5, with a redflag.png and yellowflag.png dying in the vine icon_cry.gif. It would be soooo nice to trade covers between players in these situation...

    By the way, I got a Prof X blueflag.png as bonus... his only color I couldn't use...
  • GrimSkaldGrimSkald Posts: 2,036 Chairperson of the Boards
    I accidentally purchased a 10 pack from "Red Shift" last night (was swiping to activate thing and managed to both hit the "buy" and "confirm" buttons. Sucks, but ah well,) I got a Sentry from a 3* bonus pull and a IMHB from a 4*.

    Here's a weird thing. I've opened 51 Legendary Tokens (from tokens and CP) and have not pulled a single bonus here from them. I'm not complaining - I've gotten a decent amount from other sources and my pulls were just fine, but it's odd that I didn't get a single BH from them. That's, what, a 7% chance or something?
  • royalflush95royalflush95 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 49 Just Dropped In
    The latest and first 4 star.png bonus hero was icon_caroldanvers.pnggreenflag.png. I started cursing because animation showed me greenflag.png cover twice. Was really surprised when the cover I actually got was a mordo_icon.PNGblackflag.png. Anyway, my Carol is now 0/3/5.
  • KingDonKingDon Age Unconfirmed Posts: 173 Tile Toppler
    17 x 20 cp tokens opened, 3 x bonus heroes ( yellowflag.pngicon_cyclops.png , purpleflag.pngicon_redhulk.png , greenflag.pngicon_iceman.png )
    which means 2 can now be champed and Cyclops can be champed in a couple of weeks when his covers drop on the daily rewards.
  • SummerGlauSummerGlau Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,027 Chairperson of the Boards
    Heroic Token yielded bonus icon_x23.pnggreenflag.png (champion level)

    and i now have 2 Spider Woman covers on the vine with just under 13 days to get 188000 ISO
  • mpqr7mpqr7 Posts: 2,642 Chairperson of the Boards
    A funny thing happened to me. I did a 10x token pull for the Howard The Duck Vault. I pulled 10 tokens, zero Howards. icon_neutral.gif

    But my 10th token as a 3* IF, and it showed up in my rewards queue as a heart. And while I do have IF marked with a heart in my list, this was no Bonus Pull. It was my 10th Pull, not a magic 11th pull.
  • SummerGlauSummerGlau Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,027 Chairperson of the Boards
    random token pulls yielded 2 bonus 3's Quicksilver and Vision
  • SummerGlauSummerGlau Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,027 Chairperson of the Boards
    heroic token yielded bonus Jean Grey Purple (3/5/4)
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