General Tazri, how to build around her?

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I have had General Tazri for a few months, and while she used to get me excited, I have never found a good deck buold that had synergy with her. And 10 good cards doesn't make a great deck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here's what I've done so far:
(1)Match her with 1 expensive ally. This forces her to give you a free Hero of Goma Fada (17), Noyan Far (18) etc. Good use of mana, bad use of ally mechanics.

(2)Match her with many rally allies. Rally is good. But Tazri is 20 mana, and if she Draws out Lantern Scout, well damnit.

(3)mirrorpool. A 4/4 tazri is incredibly easy to snipe. An 8/8 before gem buffs is a lot more durable.

Even which planes walker to use is tough. Currently using Anjani with Tazri, Hero of Goma Fada, Haunted cloak, mirrorpool, inner struggle, Avaricious dragon ( hey, more activate procs!) Drownyard temple, that 4 mana 4/4 demon spell, fevered dreams +1 whatever card the need's mastering.



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    I have had great success using her with Nahiri.

    Quoting from the Nahiri thread:
    Importing my Nahiri deck from the other thread. Running this deck right now:

    Creatures (4):
    General Tazri
    Munda's Vanguard
    Patron of the Valiant *1
    Ondu Champion *1

    Spells (3):
    Iona's Blessing
    Ondu Rising
    Lightning Axe *2

    Supports (3):
    Drownyard Temple *3
    Always Watching

    *1 - Flexible Ally creature slots. Veteran Warleader, Angel of Renewal, or Cliffside Lookout would also work.
    *2 - Flexible, removal slot. Also consider Volcanic Upheaval to trigger activated gems.
    *3 - Mana booster slot, eg: Shrine of the Forsaken, Battlefield Forge, etc.

    Her first ability is just so good that I believe that they're going to have to swap it with her second as they did to Koth.

    This deck is all about pumping your Ally creatures with General Tazri and/or Munda's Vanguard. Try to save your Vigilance activation until you have a creature that will survive it. I'll sometimes use Iona's Blessing offensively too, casting on a problematic creature who is dodging my beatsticks.

    With a heap of activation gems on the board, you're almost guaranteed to trigger some of them every turn. It also synergises with Nahiri's first ability. If you don't have Nahiri, Ajani, or Non-Ally Gideon would also be good. Ally Gideon will just take up your creature slots instead of Tazri and Munda's Champion.
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