When is Namor going to get a Character?

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Marvel's first published mutant and I think anti-hero. Dude deserves some respect. Headless or not.


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    When asking about character X first ask yourself the following question.

    Is Character X featured in an upcoming MCU movie or TV show or do they have a new book coming out with a big marketing push behind it?

    If the answer is no then it is unlikely.
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    Namor is in licensing hell, nobody is sure who has the rights.
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    Bowgentle wrote:

    Namor is in licensing hell, nobody is sure who has the rights.

    Quesada said in a tweet some time ago that the rights went back to Marvel, but nobody else has shared more info regarding Namor since then, so maybe he was wrong. It would be nice if Feige would confirm if this is indeed true or not or if Fox still has the rights.

    Namor and probably Red Skull are some of the greatest omissions in the game, there are other fan-favourites missing, but I don't remember any as big and old as those two.

    PS: It would be great if Marvel would get back Norrin and Galaktus too. Well, after the last fiasco, even the FF icon_razz.gif
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