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    edited February 2016
    How do I post a picture please, I am using an iPad mini.
    Thanks icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • MorphisMorphis Age Unconfirmed Posts: 975
    Nerimos wrote:

    I like mantle of webs a lot. But I don't have the both reach creatures like you. In your case I would probably switch it with honored hierarch or the support kill. Together with a reach creature hierarch lives long enough to be really helpful.

    I don't think that buffing your reach creatures with mantle is really efficient. Reinforcing them would do so much more. Collossus is indeed really great with reach though.
    Mantle of webs is indeed useful on both reach creatures cause most of the time it helps in taking 1 or 2 more hits resulting in having the same benefit as reinforcing(defense wise, offense you are better with reinforce of course).
    Also to reinforce a creature you need to play the same creature while mantle can be applied to any.
    My deck changed a little and occasionally troll with web get the chance to shine tanking all the game long.
    Sigil of valor is underperforming but I have no real substitute right now.
    Missing any card I would try to ou instead of it(mainly honored, zendikar roil, herald)
  • I desperately want an Honored Hierarch for my managreen.png deck.
  • CabolCabol Age Unconfirmed Posts: 184 Tile Toppler
    I'm not really focusing on one walker exclusively. My main 2 I use are Chandra and Gideon. Only pulled my first Mythic yesterday (The Great Aurora). The way I built my deck for every one is basically checked out Panda's list and put good cards together. once I increase my card collection I'll refine my deck building. Here's a list of all my decks with everyone's levels.

    Chandra - LVL 25

    Gideon - LVL 33

    Jace - LVL 19

    Liliana - LVL 2

    Nissa - LVL 14
  • Black deck
    Despoiler of Souls
    Priest of the Blood Rite
    Fleshbag marauder

    Caves of Koilos
    Llanowar wastes

    Unholy hunger
    Weight of the underworld
    Dark petition
    Read the bones
    Reave soul
  • Green deck lv 50
    Dwynen Gilt-leaf Daen
    Somberwald Alpha
    Dwynen's Elite
    Skysnare Spider
    Conclave Naturalist
    Honored Hierarch
    Woodland Bellower
    The Great Aurora
    Animist's Awakening
    Nissa's Pilgrimage
  • Gun BunnyGun Bunny Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    Maxed Gideon

    Consul's Lieutenant
    War Oracle
    Iroas' Champion
    Patron of the Valiant
    Knight of the White Orchid

    Yavimaya Coast
    Throwing Knife

    Healing Hands
    Enshrouding Mist

    Mass amounts of first strike buffed with throwing knife, call to arms and sharp eyes manages to kill just about anything thrown at me. Meteorite is usually held until I need to take a chip off of something for my first strikers to finish off. Enshrouding mist when i know Chandra is stacked with DD or if I need a couple turns to murder something with combat damage. Healing hands for when I don't get an Oracle out, or when dealing with Chandra's DD spells and abilities. Deck wins at about a ninety percent clip, usually with full health at the end of the game.

    Maxed Jace

    Sigiled Starfish
    Scrapskin Drake
    Mizzium Meddler

    Sphinx's Tutelage
    Caves of Koilos
    Throwing Knife

    Artificer's Epiphany
    Anchor to the Æther
    Turn to Frog
    Helm of the Gods

    Pretty standard mizzium/drain tactics. Generally hold the Drake until I can helm it. Frog a few creatures before bouncing them, depending on which card I get in hand first. Creature control gets so good I actually end up using mind sculpt to burn through PW mana and truly reinforce the stranglehold.

    Maxed Chandra

    Embermaw Hellion
    Iroas' Champion
    Volcanic Rambler
    Abbot of Keral Keep
    Zendikar Incarnate
    Scab Clan Berserker

    Exquisite Firecraft
    Act of Treason
    Fiery Conclusion

    Can be a slow buildup sometimes, but hits hard once it gets going. Creatures are expendable and large for the most part, but the fiery treason combo with Firecraft and scorching strike generally keep things under control until your fatties start taking HUGE chunks of health off your opponent. Demolish and your crystal killing creatures and abilities help cripple support combos, as well as creating Cascades to get your fatties on the board.

    Maxed Nissa

    Sylvan Messenger
    Herald of the Pantheon
    Dwynen's Elite
    Outland Colossus
    Conclave Naturalists
    Zendikar Incarnate

    Battlefield Forge
    Nissa's Pilgrimage
    Elemental Bond

    Mantle of Webs

    When played properly, this is a bounce deck's worst nightmare (every creature activates elemental bond) Ramp mana, dump critters, stomp opponents.
  • Gun BunnyGun Bunny Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    Undead Servant
    Fleshbag Marauder

    Demonic Pact
    Shivan Reef

    Unholy Hunger
    Cruel Revival
    Consecrated by Blood
    Dark Petition
    Tormented Thoughts

    Graveyard bounce your zombie generators in lots of different ways. Creature control is on par with Chandra most of the time, unless you get a really bad draw. Demonic Pact gets chucked against red or green (is there a single green deck out there that DOESN'T use Conclave Naturalists?) But can be a gamebreakers against anyone else.
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    edited September 2016
    Everyone always hates on green, so I'll share what I have for a Green deck that does really well, and is pretty quick. I couldn't figure out a good way to get an image on here so I'll just list it off:

    Fertile Thicket
    Natural Connection
    Zendikar Resurgent
    Nissa's Pilgrimage
    Murasa Ranger
    Retreat to Kazandu
    Herald of the Pantheon
    Sylvan Advocate
    Conclave Naturalists
    Tomiyo's Journal

    I usually put Fertile Thicket and/or Natural Connection at the top of my hand every time round I have them, except if I have a Herald of the Pantheon, then I'll keep Fertile Thicket at the bottom because it will come out when Herald comes out and give my 3 health. I also try and match non-green gems I have either of them because they are cheap and I'm looking for cascades and 4+ green matches. You also want to use Nissa's first ability every time it's available because you draw a card, turn 3 gems green, and gain 3 life, which most of the time will net you at least a free 3 green match. Zendikar Resurgent is a great card to use to counteract the mana loss from Murasa Ranger, and man does that get big when this deck starts rolling with cascades, plus every creature you cast you draw. Couple that with the Tamiyo's Journals, and you have a full hand most of the time. I like the Conclave Naturalists because they are a cheap 4/4 that kills your opponent's supports, but I usually replace them when the other creatures when they come up.
    I've tried modifying this deck with the Oran-Rief Hydra, instead of the Conclave Naturalists but I usually end up drawing it too often, and it's 15 mana just seemed to slow down the deck. Same with the Outland Colossus, that's a great card, but the 15 mana just slowed down the deck too much. The Sylvan Advocate is 16 but there's hardly ever a time where he's not a 9/10 with defender, which is great for protection and board clearing. The Zendikar Resurgent is nice too because you get 2 mana for every 3+ match, plus you draw a card when a creature comes into play, and it's a must if you run Murasa Ranger because it's annoying when it sucks 2 mana from your top card you have full of mana.

    Even if you have a slow start, once you get the Herald of the Pantheon out there, you get 3 life every time you cast a support, which will be a lot, and every landfall you're first creature is getting +1/+1 and you're gaining 2 life from Retreat to Kazandu, and probably giving Murasa Ranger +2/+2 as well.

    I've also tried putting Sylvan Scrying and Swell of Growth, but they both seemed to also slow the deck down, as any time I cast them I never seem to get as much back as it took to cast them in the first place, so I've pulled them. And also without those 2, Managorger Hydra pumps too slow. I used to have Sylvan Messengers in there because when you cast them they draw themselves (because they'd be the only elf in the deck without the Conclave Naturalists) so it would be easy to reinforce them up pretty quick, but I ended up pulling them in favor of the other creatures in the deck.

    I literally JUST got Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen so I'll most likely replace Sylvan Advocate with her, more life gain, I won't lose defense ability, and she's cheaper.

    I have another deck too that's just silly and fun that I threw together, and oddly enough it tends to do pretty well, put I'll do another post for that one, since this turned into a book. I have changed out my Nissa deck more times than I can count.
  • SquirreljesterSquirreljester Age Unconfirmed Posts: 40 Just Dropped In
    So, my other deck, for Sarkhan The Mad:

    Ruinous Path
    Nettle Drone
    Zulaport Cutthroat
    Shrine of the Foresaken Gods
    Tamiyo's Journal
    Molten Nursery
    Explosive Apparatus
    Smoldering Marsh
    Foundry of the Consuls

    The concept of this deck is just to ping your opponent to death. Charge up Ruinous Path, kill your opponent's creature, drop 6 creatures, and do 6 damage with Nettle Drone, 6 damage and gain 6 life with Zulaport Cutthroat, and 12 damage with Molten Nursery. I may even replace Shrine of the Forsaken Gods with Fertile Thicket so I can have a cheaper support I can drop for Blightcaster. And the great thing about having Blightcaster and Tamiyo's Journal on the board at the same time is that it's a guaranteed -2/-2 to your opponent's creature every turn.

    I actually do really well with this deck, and in the enraged matches it's great because the deck is quick and those 1's become 2's, and the 2's become 4's, so destroying your opponent's creature and casting your 6/6 island could potentially do 36 damage with just 2 other cards out.

    Oh yeah, I also pretty much mainly use the planeswalker's first ability the whole time, which is kind of a waste, because my main deck I run with him is really good and utilizes his dragon abilities, although I still don't have a couple of the main ones I need due to the horrible drop rates in the game.

    Enjoy. icon_e_smile.gif
  • ReaganstormeReaganstorme Age Unconfirmed Posts: 334 Mover and Shaker
    Despite the recent change to Silverfur Partisan's reaction to untargeted spells, this deck still packs a furry wallop.

    Presenting: Kiora's Silverfur Cascader

    Creatures (1):
    Silverfur Partisan

    Spells (6):
    Natural Connection
    Animist's Awakening
    Talent of the Telepath
    Aim High
    Swell of Growth
    Wild Instincts

    Supports (3):
    Prism Array
    Trail of Evidence
    Part the Waterveil / Zendikar's Roil *1

    Silverfur Partisan gets +4/+4 with every targeted spell, of which there are three. Every time you cast a spell out, you get to Investigate as long as Trail of Evidence is on the field. With your Gem converting spells, cheap casting costs, and Landfalls breaking Investigate Gems or triggering reacting Supports to draw you more cards and put tokens into play, with a decent cascade, you can draw, cast and pump Silverfur up to fantastic levels again and again in a single turn. Innate Trample is augmented by Reach and/or Berserker giving you some creature removal ability as well as ensuring you hit the opponent PW as well.

    *1 - I only have PtW, but ZR is cheaper and will be triggered more often. This deck needed a second creature answer to Claustrophobia / et al even though your cascades should play merry havoc on opponent Supports, and these two cards provide a cheaper and bigger creature long term than any of the wolf or werewolves available right now.

    I'm considering dropping Natural Selection for Helm of the Gods, as Investigate Gems should count as Supports and will add +7/+7 and First Strike!
  • MoominsMoomins Age Unconfirmed Posts: 10
    Still medling a lot with my decks. Short of throwing crystals at random cards and hoping for the best, is there any way to actually target specific cards of interest (not counting "blue cards only" type deals)?
  • GerardGerard Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8
    Hi all, just sharing my vanilla Gideon white deck, been having lots of fun with it, just waiting on hope against hope to finish it off.
  • supernaturalsupernatural Age Unconfirmed Posts: 16

    Fertile Ticket
    Natural Connection
    Ulvenwald Hydra
    Elvish Visionary
    Nissa's Pilgramage
    Swell of Growth
    Prism Array
    Retreat to Coralhelm
    Seek the Wilds
    Sphinx's Tutelage


    Harness the Storm
    Haunted Cloak
    Adverse Conditions
    Thopter Spy Network
    Gruesome Slaughter
    Shard of Broken Glass
    Sure Strike
    Molten Nursery
    Nettle Drone
    Kozilek's Sentinel


    Avaricious Dragon
    Altar's Reap
    Turn Against
    Malevolent Whipsers
    Call the Bloodline
    Harness the Storm
    Haunted Cloak
    Feavered Visions
    Necromantic Summons
    Magmatic Insight

    Gideon, Battle-Forged

    Murder Investigation
    Consul's Lieutenant
    Iroas's Champion
    Brawler's Plate
    Suppression Bonds
    Sigil of the Empty Throne
    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
    Knightly Valor
    Linvala, the Preserer
  • Buret0Buret0 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,591

    Season's Past, Spell, 16, Mythic, Green, N/A
    Pyromancer's Goggles, Support, 25, Mythic, Colorless, N/A
    Gaea's Revenge, Creature, 23, Mythic, Green, 16/9
    Bring to Light, Spell, 10, Mythic, Blue/Green, N/A
    Mirrorpool, Support, 4, Mythic, Colorless, N/A
    Woodland Bellower, Creature, 16, Mythic, Green, 8/7
    Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen, Creature, 14, Rare, Green, 5/6
    Altered Ego, Spell, 12, Rare, Blue/Green, N/A
    Drownyard Temple, Support, 9, Rare, Colorless, N/A
    Plated Crusher, Creature, 18, Uncommon, Green, 7/6

    Average casting cost = 14.9
    Average turns to win = 5.7


    Get big creatures into play quickly, make them bigger quickly.


    Use Mirrorpool and Altered Ego to get doubled up big creatures.
    Use Mirrorpool, Goggles, Mana Drain, and Bring to Light to efficiently cast big spells.
    Use Season's Past early to cast big spells and replenish big spells back to my hand.

    Only thing I don't want brought to light is a mirrorpool.


    I'm thinking of replacing Plated Crusher and Drownyard Temple with something simple like Fertile Thicket, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Animist's Awakening, True Faith Censer, Plummet (to deal with Olivia), Talent of the Telepath, Yavimaya Coast, Trail of Evidence.

    Alternatively something bigger like, Exert Influence, Oath of Nissa, Dreadwaters, Sphinx of the Final Word, Bane of Bala Ged, Gladehart Cavelry (though gaining berserker is bad if you catch an RC) Skysnare Spider (extra protection from RC, Olivia), Conclave Naturalists, or Harbinger of Tides.

    I had Hangerback Walker in, but the thopters kept eating my mirrorpools, so despite how nice a 16/16 walker was, I felt I had to take it out. Plus, it wasn't a defender and couldn't deal with RC or Olivia.

    I'm missing Nissa's Renewal, Evolutionary Leap, and Hydra, which would all fit well into this deck. I have Mandragora Hydra and Oran-Rief Hydra, but the fact that they aren't even in consideration shows how the power creep forgot the "creep" part.
  • SourImplantSourImplant Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2
    Embodiment of Inisight
    Territorial Baloth

    Animist's Awakening
    Call the Scions
    Helm of the Gods
    Root Out

    Fertile Thicket
    Nissa's Pilgrimage
    Sword of the Animist
    Zendikar's Roil

    Landfall mechanic is fun as hell. Once it gets rolling, can ramp up high damage quickly. Scions acting as an early speed bump can generate good mana to get out key cards. Allows me to use most of the rares in my meager collection.

    No way to deal with flyers. Embodiment is expensive for a 4/4 creature and for whatever reason does not grant Vigilance to Elemental tokens generated by Zendikar's.

    Thinking about swapping out Helm of the Gods for either Plummet or Aim High to deal with flyers, Gather the Pack for more reliable creature summoning prior to getting all those Elemental tokens out, or a tougher creature like Gladehart Cavalry, Plated Crusher or Runaway Carriage to do some heavier hitting.

    Still finding my way here, so any advice would be appreciated.
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