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Are there any 4*s that are just not worth the roster space? Personally I'm having trouble wanting to hang on to Awesome Hulk and Mr. Fantastic.

In the same vein, what about 3*s? Dauthi's guide hasn't been updated in awhile and I keep feeling like I'm not using a few of mine, like QS, Hulk, and Beast.


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    It's tough to rank the * tiers now that there are so many characters and many players feel 5*'s make every tier below irrelevant. Honestly, if you have the HP (or $) buy a roster slot for everyone, this way your covers don't go to waste (Iso sell price isn't much) and you have them for PVE essentials (to win more iso and rewards) and better covered for PVP (so you're not stuck with a lousy loaner), plus DDQ! While there a plenty of 3*'s I rarely ever use (e.g. Colossus, Sentry) or 4* (IW, Cho), you're better off keeping them than not, otherwise you will regret not having them.

    I use to refuse to roster Doc Ock, eventually I wish I did because he's not too terrible, just very niche against special tile spammers (e.g. Carnage). He is my only 3* that is not fully covered after 2-years.. all the DDQ's and essentials I missed do not make up for the small amount of Iso I gained from selling his covers. He should be champed like the rest of my roster.

    Anyways, hope this helps.
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    That's the problem is I'm really trying not to spend money on this game. :/
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    if you are strictly ftp, MFer is one I'd definitely not roster. his ddq requires decent covers, especially blue and is not easy. I thought the same of cho until his upcoming buff. now I'm not sure where he'll fall, but I don't think he's at the very bottom any more. IW will hardly ever get any play on any roster, but her ddq can be won with only a yellow (if you're lucky and good at managing the locked TU tiles), so if LTs is something you want to get consistently, her's is one of the easier 4* ddqs. starlord is a step above them but doesn't get much play either. keep in mind they say they will be buffing/nerfing every season moving forward, so these bottom guys might not be bottom guys forever. SL is rumored as a possible buff candidate. I guess all of the bottom guys would be possible buff candidates though.
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    Thanks, that helps. Any tips on what 3* to ditch for Cage?
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    would be kinda painful, but of your guys at level 40, beast gets the least play outta me. I'd drop him for cage every day. painful because he has some covers. when your 2hawk hits 144, drop him and use that slot. the other 5 are who I had for ddq and utility purposes until I decided to go back and do everything.
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    So drop Mr Fantastic and Beast?

    (is Cho the 4* Hulk? Bc I don't really like him anyway either....)
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    This is always a tough question to answer, because you aren't just comparing characters in a vacuum.

    I look at who brings something new to my roster or fills a gap. For example... Beast and R&G both bring a lot of the same things to the table: a blue CD ability that generates special tiles, a green board shake, and a yellow heal. R&G has the better heal, possibly better blue, Beast has the better green... but there is a lot of overlap there. If you have a strong R&G, I wouldn't keep Beast if you are trying to trim your roster.

    So I would look at the guys you are trying to keep and figure out what they bring to your roster, and ask yourself if you already have someone who can do it better.

    MrF does stun, and some very good healing in very limited situations. He's very good with Carnage, and mediocre everywhere else. Do you have a better stun option? Do you have a champed Carnage who needs a partner?

    QS isn't bad, and his blue AOE passive is unique. His black is good but there are better options, and his green is only middle of the row (I assume you have better green users out there)

    I would hang onto Awesome Hulk for now, as it looks like he will do some unique things after his re-work... worth playing around with at least.

    Hulk used to be unique in being a great "hit me not" defensive character with tons of health and was 1/2 of the Hulkbomb and 1/3 of the Sentry Bomb. But health has been rebalanced, Rulk and XFDP are better defensive options now, Sentry has been nerfed and Patch is not as prominent as before. So he is really only worth keeping if you already have him at a very high level or need a decent green board shake. I also don't like 1-active characters, which Hulk basically is, since his red is so bad.
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    My roster is in my sig if you want to see what I have that I'm working with.

    I was just thinking since I have 3 Cage covers and Wasp that I'd try to drop 2, maybe one 4* and one 3* or two 4*s if I had two that weren't great.

    I will also say I am biased towards characters I'm a fan of since I do read the comics, and sometimes want to drop someone just because I don't like their face, basically.
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    Looking at your roster, it will be a long time before you miss Mr F and Drax (other than as essentials in PVE). You are going to need 3* star in PVE essentials too though and if roster space is getting tight, I think you will get more value from your 3*. DDQ, PVP and eventually champ rewards all favor keeping 3* at this point.

    Another way to look at it is that you probably would not champion Mr F or Drax until you are almost through with 4* (or maybe never at all), so I would not worry too much about selling them - you will get their covers later when you have more HP for their slots.
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    Thanks! You're very in-depth and that helps.

    I sold MrF to roster Cage for the event.

    Should I dump Drax for Wasp?
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    Should I dump Drax for Wasp?

    I think I would sell them both and roster a couple of 2* that are missing in your roster. Champing 2* gives HP over time and when they are max champed you get 125hp for selling them (plus the ISO). You would get roster slots much faster that way. Under covered 4* are not completely useless but I am looking at what will help you progress based on where your roster is now.
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    I feel bad now because I had a decently covered 2* cap that I was going to champ for covers for my 3* cap but I sold him for space.

    That's good advice though, thank you.
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