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  • mckauhu
    mckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    My todays big enchilada team: icon_punisher.pngicon_doctordoom.pngicon_hood.png

    Tried it just for fun. Not very effective and I barely made it through all rounds, but fun it is icon_e_smile.gif Hood gathering all the AP and Punisher making strike and attack tiles boosted by Doctor Doom. And in some point you definitely can fire Hoods twin pistols to rescue from the pinch.

    3* icon_storm.png 3* icon_ironman.png 3* icon_deadpool.png

    Slice slice slice!! Used vs Devil Dino, Howard and who ever was that third
  • We_are_Venom
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    QS is becoming my favorite 3*
  • mckauhu
    mckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    First my Big Enchilada team

    MoStorm, Daredevil and Loki

    Loki moving DD's trap tiles and occasionally matching them is kind a fun! MoStorm never replace those traps unless she is forced to. She also collecting AP for the team. Downside is that it might hit trap and stun tiles. But this team was so great that managed almost with full health! (DD kept stunning every troublesome enemy)

    Then PVE teams

    Blade, Punisher and Hood

    Strike tiles everywhere! All colors covered except blue. Blade makes Punishers attacks stronger, actually a great team!

    GSBW, Hawkeye and 2* Ms Marvel

    Wow! You can not imagine how much this team makes match 5's until you see it yourself! I jumped from match-5 to match-5 4 times in a row and everytime making speed shot tiles! And just that was already enough to finish the enemy, didn't need those speed shots to fire even. Nice team!
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I want to give special shout-outs to my two best Civil War teams.

    First is one that I've used many times: icon_hulk.png (3/5/5), icon_storm.png (5/5/3), and icon_kamalakhan.png (5/5/3). All matches made should be with Hulk so he takes all the damage from the enemies. If it's enough, his black generates more green tiles. All the green is for Storm because her power not only destroys tiles but also generates AP for every tile that's destroyed. Kamala's purple also generates more green for Storm to use and her passive yellow heals Hulk. (I've had Hulk down to 4 health and healed him back up to full before the round ends!) When Storm doesn't have enough green AP for her power, use her yellow to shake up the board and gain team-up AP. You can use Storm's black but be careful; Kamala's purple power can't transform attack tiles and that's far more important. You can use Hulk's red power in a pinch but I hate to do it. What I do like to do is use Hulk's green for the final attack of the match: I figure he's earned the chance to KO the last opponent. icon_e_smile.gif

    My other great Civil War team is a variation of "Charlie's Angels." It's icon_blackwidow.png (5/3/5), icon_scarletwitch.png (5/3/5), and icon_colossus_new.png (5/3/5 or 3/5/5). Colossus's yellow prevents damage to the others and his red is as good or better than Widow's, but his black is where it's at. Throwing Black Widow with his Fastball Special means that she's off the board for one turn but has a 66.6% chance of activating one of her two best powers when she lands.
  • mckauhu
    mckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    Today in Big Enchilada decided to try 4* team which haven't done ever before. Seeing results, it's obvious they don't need to be max covered or even that high leveled. About 135 lvl each of them, Hulkbuster even less. Team was


    Ant-man did most of the job with his strike and attack tiles, Hulkbuster was mainly just for defense and Wolverine ofcourse for attack. Managed to do GROW also once which instantly downed an opponent. It was fun to collect almost 30 AP and then fire Hulkbusters attack --> down opponent
  • TxMoose
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    have lots of 5s with a handful of covers each - all at 255 other than oml. today in big enchilada I tried my 3/3/1 IM46, 0/1/1 Gobby, and my 0/1/4 banner. fun enough. might dust off some others in the coming days.
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's theme was "Steve Rogers and friends." It was the star.pngstar.pngstar.png versions of icon_captainamerica.png , icon_blackwidow.png , and icon_falcon.png . My first thought was icon_wintersoldier.png instead of Black Widow but I only have one red cover for him so he didn't make the cut.
  • Gmax101
    Gmax101 Posts: 182 Tile Toppler
    Two amusing teams I have been playing with in current PVE

    Punisher 3*, Iceman and Ironman 3*
    You get the recharge off, and drop the green bomb from Ice and Punisher just caps the weakened characters... Ice then freezes anyone left... Hiliarious icon_e_smile.gif

    Winter Soldier, Kamala Khan and Quicksilver
    Mainly cos Quicksilver keeps everyones HP up and then can trigger moving target with ease... and you are aggressively matching Blue for the Demolition Charges... plus the targeted AP removal is pretty good for both HP regen and firing powers.

    And from Civil War...

    Winter Soldier, Falcaptain and Scarlet Witch...
    Set WS to be 5 purpleflag.png 5 blueflag.png 3 redflag.png and the boss hardly ever gets to fire a power, and Demolition Charges and SWs countdown being sped up by Falcap... you also have the defence tiles and red nuke from Falcap. It was pretty solid even in round 7 & 8 if it got rolling....
  • xidragonxi
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    Someone in my alliance recommended Professor X, Quicksilver, and Old Man Logan.

    Drop some strike tiles with OML, go invisible with Prof, and then Quicksilver can basically just kill everyone by making match-5s and setting off his blue while Prof X buffs everything. It gets nuts pretty quick. Make sure you order the team so OML is behind Prof X.
  • JackTenrec
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    The SHIELD ISO infusion meant that I could finally level all of my undercovered 4*, so I've been running Ant-Man, 4* Thor, and Professor X in DDQ. Not really a ton of synergy, but it's nice to step away from the Steve Rogers/Scarlet Witch/Mystique combo I've been running for what seems like forever.
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Since I made icon_psylocke.png a Champion yesterday, today's theme was X-Women: icon_psylocke.png , icon_storm.png (Mohawk), and icon_jeangrey.png (All-New X-Men).
  • Punisher5784
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    I really enjoy 3* Bullseye, Spidey and Psylocke (all lvl 115 for now). Spidey makes protect tiles that Bullseye can throw for the final blow which makes Psylockes red go off quicker and her attack tiles stronger. I use them for the easy nodes but they can handle most modes and survivor. Give it a try!
  • Blahahah
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    I've been using

    icon_elektra.png 4/4/0
    3 star.pngicon_wolverine.png 5/3/5
    icon_antman.png 3/5/5

    Mainly just the nice synergy between elektra and patch wolverine with AntMan there to pump out more strike tiles and steal away tiles (including the ones patch gives away).
    Pop beserker rage and Shadow Step, which gives Antman enough time to steal away some tiles while electra punches the enemy in the face for a few thousand.

    Also you can double-double-cross to collect those tiles faster as well, and its not like I'd ever really use her red tbh so I'm not sad about not having it.
  • pmorcs
    pmorcs Posts: 126 Tile Toppler
    No one is afraid of it on defense it seems (based on my extensive bounces) but bss/miles/gwen is quite satisfying to play.
  • Fightmastermpq
    Fightmastermpq Posts: 995 Critical Contributor
    IM40/LCap/KK seems to work really well for sustained PvE play.

    I've been using LThor/Rulk/SWitch when Rulk is boosted. That second green battery from LThor helps.
  • late to the party but Rulk/thoress/im40 has been very fun and quick
  • areacode212
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    Boosted Rulk icon_redhulk.png & SW icon_scarletwitch.png obviously go nicely together in this iso8.png PvE, but for a third, I've been using the man himself....Big Amadeus Cho!! icon_hulkcho.png

    At the very least, he has a lot of health and tanks blue for SW, so you never need to heal her unless she gets hit by AoE. But...since SW's CD tile has an annoying habit of matching itself, you can often end up with enough blue AP to accelerate yourself to 18 green AP that much faster. The board shake you get is a nice bonus.

    He's still the least useful member of this team, but I've used him more in the past few days than I ever have before.
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Yesterday's theme was "espionage" and it shouldn't have worked as well as it did. The enemies were super-simple in yesterday's TBE.

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_wolverine.png L180, 5/3/2
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_blackwidow.png L170, 5/3/5
    icon_nickfury.png L147, 5/3/3
  • mckauhu
    mckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    I really enjoy 3* Bullseye, Spidey and Psylocke (all lvl 115 for now). Spidey makes protect tiles that Bullseye can throw for the final blow which makes Psylockes red go off quicker and her attack tiles stronger. I use them for the easy nodes but they can handle most modes and survivor. Give it a try!

    I was about to write of that same team! Very effective in TBE and probably the fastest possible win ever with any team I think.
  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    Today's theme: red costume, white costume, blue costume.

    Red: star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_deadpool.png L181, 3/5/5
    White: star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_wolverine.png L183, 5/3/5
    Blue: star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_captainamerica.png L179, 3/5/5

    If anything, the problem with this team is that they all have really good redflag.png powers. I chose to go with Steve's which is why Wade & Logan are reduced to three each in red. Normally, I have them at five red, too.

    I didn't receive many opportunities for purpleflag.png matches so I only dropped one whale but everything else went so well that I didn't need it more than that.