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Hello, this is a question for the ones who managed to finish the story mode. How did you manage to defeat the levels where it requires to win in less than 8 turns or 7? I can manage maybe 10 turns but meteorite for example has 166 hp. Even a colossus isn't that fast. Thanks.


  • Oh uh, I don't bother with those objectives lol.

    Off the top of my head, the fastest per mana spent kill will be Jace with

    Thopter Network
    Angelic Tomb

    If you can swing 20 mana with an early cascade by turn 1 or 2, you will be able to swing for 20/24/28...etc every turn.

    If then you can bring out Hangarback Walker by turn 4 or 5 you will be able to augment that by at least +4 a turn.

    Still requires you to have very lucky cascades early on, thankfully Jace has a very generous mana curve.
  • I opened 2 of the 600 crystal packs and I never got the thirteen network or the hangarback. I guess I have to wait till I get those... Thank you anyways.
  • Even with that combo it is going to be a hard deadline to meet, and requires you to get insane mana generation in the first 2 turns. So I think this optional objective is either bugged or out of line for difficulty.
  • Heyo I thought up the way to do this.

    You need:

    Angel's Tomb (12)
    Thopter Spy Network (13)
    Hangarback Walker (25)
    Anchor to the Aether (7)

    In that order.

    2 mythics I know lol

    You also need to output 57 mana in ~7-8 turns...pretty difficult, but not completely impossible.


    Get Angel's Tomb and Thopter network out by turn 3
    Get Hangarback walker out by turn 7
    Get Anchor to the Aether out by turn 8

    Turn 4: 16/16 thopter spawns.
    Turn 5: 20/20 thopter swings (20 cumulative)
    Turn 6: 24/24 thopter swings (44 cumulative)
    Turn 7: 28/28 thopter swings, 8/8 Walker out (72 cumulative)
    Turn 8: 32/32 thopter, hangarback procs at least one to turn it into 36/36
    Bounce the hangarback to get a 68/68, swings for 68 (140 cumulative)

    This is the best I can do boys, it is as lenient on mana as I can get.

    To get >166 damage, you need either thopter out by turn 2 or walker out by turn 6 (ideally both).
  • Thank you for your help. I will try as soon as I get my hands on those cards.
  • I checked out meteorite a bit, and you actually only get 6 turns to kill him (you start on turn 2 because the game is dumb).

    This means you need both thopter network and angel's tomb out on the first turn rofl.

    You also will want hangarback out in the next 2-3 turns, and/or you can also use the Foundry spell (coupled with Jace's second ability) to spam more.
  • I understand but I don't have either hangar or the network. I've been spam buying rune boosters cause I don't have enough crystals for a big box but still no luck. Maybe when we get the free fat pack.
  • Just to clarify, if you're bouncing Hangarback Walker, you will need to make sure you have a full hand so it is destroyed instead of returned to hand to trigger the Thopter spawning.
  • Any ideas how to beat the Willbreaker challenge (chapter 2 part 2 stage 10) with the objective, "Take 9 or less damage during a single fight"? His power of stealing my creatures as his special ability is really annoying. And way to cheap.
  • Jace with claustrophobia and lots of control. Make sure he has no creatures so any he grabs from you will be affected by claustrophobia and unable to attack.

    Alternatively, make sure you always have at least one creature with defender/vigilance remaining even when he controls one of your creatures. I'd say Gideon should work especially well for that tactic.
  • Thanks. I used Jace and the Clausterphobias. Took several tries and it was boring as **** but it worked. Used Mage Ring Responder and Nivix Barrier since they couldn't attack on his turn and made him waste his control ability. Once I had the Responder out I cast Skapeskin Drake but he kept stealing the Responder cause he was bigger.
  • BlackSheep101BlackSheep101 Posts: 2,023 Chairperson of the Boards
    I think I cheesed the Willbreaker challenge with Chandra by cramming the deck with direct damage and supports, with guardians of meletis and a goblin as my only creatures.
  • Yea I'm pretty sure I did that one with demonic pact.
  • Finally found the right combination to complete the "kill 10 or more creatures" objectives. Basically, jace, claustrophobia, Displacement wave. Extremely slow but effective. Wouldn't take as long if the enemy decks has more than two creatures.

    Also thank you to a responder in a separate thread that let me know the "lose x creatures" is bugged and instead you have to kill said creatures. I was going crazy wondering why my creatures deaths weren't registering sometimes.
  • Kill or lose creatures objectives I did with Chandra or Jace
    Support objectives with Gideon or Jace
    Lose life with Gideon
    Have less than x life with Chandra
    Summon x creatures Gideon (less than or more than)
    Summon no 0 creatures with Chandra
    Take less than x damage Jace
    Some of the turn ones I did with Nissa but only before chapter 3
  • Hey panda I just saw the 1.3 update and the new rules will make your combo not to work.
    How will we ever finish the speed objectives after chapter 3 without angel tomb and foundry?
  • Well if u get 45 mana turn 1 as Nissa with 3 Outland colossuss you would...maybe win.
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