What's the point of terrible characters?



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    They're bad in the face of the meta. It's not a character problem persay, it's a game mechanic one where every game option focuses on speed above all else.

    Iceman - self generation, high AP/damage AoE, stun potential, AP denial
    HB - self generation, large single target damage
    Jean - two separate high AP/damage AoE, stun potential
    Cyc - self generation, AP generation, large single target damage
    RHulk - self generation, AP denial, high AP/damage AoE

    The words "protect" and "heal" don't appear in there. HB is the only one who even generates either, but they're an afterthought compared to the rest of his blue utility (namely creating more red).

    HB too high, 4Pool too low. icon_e_smile.gif

    Except for MrF's black. I've written an entire essay on how poorly designed that ability is. Given that he loses an entire ability to that garbage (and that is his sole outlet for dealing damage) he becomes a joke in PvP.

    Again, without repeating myself too much, MrF's black needs to be redesigned. The higher AP cost for a potential to do low damage per AP over the course of several turns by only making matches of certain colors?

    Here are some easy thoughts:
    1) Make it a passive. If the CD tile does not exist, consume 2 Black AP to create the CD tile. Every time you make a Red/Green/Yellow match, drain 1 black AP to deal X damage.
    2) Make it 3 AP cheaper to cast. The ability to do extra damage over many turns is nice if you have no other outlet for black AP active abilities.
    3) Make it do X damage on cast, then extra damage on match.
    4) Make it create some strike tiles on cast.
    5) Make it steal a random AP every turn when active.

    I mean, it is an ultra scientific sphere that MrF drops onto the battlefield. It can literally do anything and you wouldn't need to give a reason.

    Why are you gaining health when you attack? Mr. Fantastic's giant black ball of mystery.
    Why are we stealing AP when we attack? Giant mystery ball.
    Why are we all dealing extra damage when we attack? Mystery ball.
  • Why do they exist? Because they came up for a certain reason. I'm waiting for Mr. F Covers, because I know what he's able to do since that day he came out. (And I'm a Fantastic 4 Fan...)

    Bag-Man... yes, he is surely a good type of a supporter, but nobody wants him...

    Invisible Woman is hard to beat if she's built well, her Invisible Tile you have to get destroyed on the board, and as long as she is invisible, she can't be targeted... Her defense is pretty good... I had her as enemy at DDQ a few times in the last wave, and she is hard to beat.

    Chulk is making me angry when I see him... I don't like him, come what may.

    A bad character is for me someone who hurts himself or the team. Carnage is an example, Sentry too. They have good attack skills, but it's possible that your team is going down too fast.

    Except Ares and Ragnarok, I tolerate them. Rags green I avoid to use. Ares gets a part of his health back with his yellow.
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