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I think my problem lies within the fact that I have all 3 5* guys on my roster, and my roster otherwise has no one above 130.

I've hit 4k+ points per season, going back 5 seasons. And on average hit 475pts each event. And scored around 1700 in SIM.

I want to take it to the next level. I have a good roster, 30 guys fully covered, 6 missing 2 or less covers. And and few stragglers as well. I'm in the process of hoarding ISO to make the jumps to 166, but at 80k a toon, it'll take me awhile..

The problem is, prior to adding my 5*, rarely did I see maxed teams. I was able to climb to 4 or 5 hundred points, before I started hitting "harder" teams. By that I mean teams with higher levels but never maxed.

Now, no matter how many times I skip, I can't get a equal or fair match.

Not sure what I'm getting at. But just looking for some tips on getting to that 1k mark and any other advice.


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    Here is my take on it (based on my experience).

    Given your roster (sounds pretty complete 3* wise), I would advise you to take your toons to lvl 140. That way any given week you will have a team consisting of 2 level 200 chars and a level 245. This should give you a shot at taking down big teams.
    The downside of this strategy is that if the boosted characters are bad, you will be in trouble. The upside is that you will have a more varied roster meaning you can switch people around and save health packs.

    You will be an easy target for other teams however, so you will need to climb at off hours (there is a good guide on how to reach 1k in this forum, take a look!). It will also cost you quite a bit HP in shields but can't avoid that.

    Hope this helps a little at least. Good luck!
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    Appreciate the response. I'm in the process of saving ISO because I want to stay making the move into the 166 land. The guide mentioned is helpful, I'm just lacking the 4*.

    But like I said, all the problems regarding hitting these walls was all after adding 5* toons.

    D3 can say whatever regarding that, but it does severely effect pvp scaling.

    PvE scaling hasn't changed one bit after adding them, but I've also never used a single one during an event. Oh well.
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    Have a serious consideration about selling off your 5* in order to normalize your MMR again.
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    Selling 5* is just wrong. They are rare but they are not your problem. Soft-capping your roster is your problem. What is helpful in PVE is just a killer in PVP. So think about what kind of game you want to play.

    If it's PVE mainly and some PVP - take it easy with your team because when you do take them to 166 your PVE will demand more.

    If it's PVP - start bringing your heroes up and fast. Having some key 3* can net you 1k points when they are boosted. This is by far the best way to progress into the 4* territory. But you need your toons much higher than 130. I would level them in pairs. Look for good synergies and bring 2-4 pairs to 166. You will see the difference if you have correct heroes.

    Who to level? Iron Fist, Cyclops, Luke Cage (they can alternate in a team with IF), Khamala, Thor (both powerful green and both can generate it), Scarlet Witch (fuels purple to KK or Iron fist or shoots her own), Black Panther (another good running mate for IF), Magneto (he is awesome when boosted - cheap and powerful attacks in good colors), Deadpool (great red that you don't see often on the top, great purple). Having some of them at 166 would push your score towards 800-1000 per PVP and season close to 10000. From here you can add some other 3* to the list (Hulk, Patch, Blade, Daken, Hood) or focus on 4*. The moment you hit 166 with them you are full on in the 4* transition.

    They will help in PVE as well when they are maxed. Some nodes will be more tricky than they are now but not too tricky.
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