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  • RoxtonRoxton Age Unconfirmed Posts: 13
    Jace Deck:

    Its composition is 3/4/3 (Creature/Spell/Support)

    Screeching Skaab - 1 Mana - 2/1 with 3-mana drain drawback.
    Separatist Voidmage - 10 Mana - 2/2 bouncer with 6-mana gain drawback (Kinda weak, but makes the deck more consistent)
    Harbinger of the Tides - 10 Mana - 6/6 bouncer with 9-cost gain (at 10 mana that's seriously OP)

    Bone to Ash - 7 Mana - Drain all mana from opponent's first creature card. Draw one.
    Artificer's Epiphany - 2 Mana - Draw 2 if you have a support, else draw one.
    Anchor to the Aether - 7 Mana - Bounce a critter.
    Negate - 3 Mana - Drain 3 mana from opponent.

    Claustrophobia - 6 Mana - Disable opponent's first creature.
    Sphinx's Tutelage - 6 Mana - Increase opponent's first card's cost by 2 every time you draw a card. Activate 1: Discard/Draw.
    Jace's Sanctum - 5 Mana - Drain 3 mana from opponent each turn.

    Deck Commentary:
    Slow down the enemy, bounce threats, run the clock. It's important to deactivate your Harbinger, Voidmage, and Ash cards, so you can hold them in reserve, fully charged. You need to watch your opponent's hand to gauge how expensive a card is, and when they move cards around. In addition to being effective on their own, Negates, Skaabs, and even duplicate low-cost supports help you free your hand to get more mileage out of the Sphinx's Tutelage & Epiphany combo as well as Jace's second ability. (Being able to apply that ability to ash and aether cards is insult added to injury.) It's a little slow, but tactically interesting and highly effective.
  • Plainswalker: Jace
    Level: 33

    Deck: Combo Jace

    Ringwarden Owl
    Jhessian Thief
    Sigiled Starfish

    Sphinx's Tutelage

    Talent of the Telepath
    Turn to Frog
    Alchemst's Vial
    Clash of Wills

    It can be clunky at times but nothing you cant dig yourself out of. Keep drawing until you get the thief and owl. Once you have them its just a matter of getting them on the battlefield and casting cheap spells to ramp them up and kill the opponent. Talent of the telepath shines here as you can draw it more than once at times. Ingenuity works as well to add to your combo. All the other spells are cheap enough that you can combo them without problem. Card draw is not an issue with Jhessian Thief and Sigiled Starfish as well as Alchemist's Vial.

    If I could get Days Undoing, Harbinger of the Tides, Willbreaker, and Jace's Sanctum but as of now I am quite satisfied with the deck.
  • GaladrialGaladrial Age Unconfirmed Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    I started with Chandra because I got some lucky draws. I'm Currently leveling Jace since he's way op.
    Jace Deck:
    Mizzium Meddler
    Day's Undoing
    Talent of the telepath.
    Turn to frog
    Harbringer of the Lost.
    Displacement wave.
    Orbs of warding.
    Jace's Sanctum.
    Will breaker
    Soulblade Djinn
  • I have a Chandra deck. I'm Level 43, but I could fully level if I wanted. I'm not because I don't want the second ability cost increase.
    3 Demolish - Destroy a support your opponent controls and a 3x3 block around it.
    4 Fiery Impulse - Deal 2 damage to target creature. If there are 8 or more red gems on board, do 3.
    6 Lightning Javelin - Deal 3 damage to target creature or Planeswalker. (if I had Exquisite Firecraft, I'd replace this.)
    8 Sigil of Valor - First creature you control gets +3/+3 if you have one creature, +2/+2 if you have two, and +1/+1 if you have three.
    4 Subterranean Scout - (2/1)
    6 Acolyte of the Inferno - (3/1)
    8 Volcanic Rambler - (5/3) When it comes into play, destroy two blocks of 3x3 gems.
    10 Blazing Hellhound - (4/3) Berserker. Match 1 red- Deal one damage to opponent's first creature.
    15 Abbot of Keral Keep - (6/5) When it comes into play, draw a card. It gains 6 mana.
    18 Avaricious Dragon - (8/8) Flying. Cards you draw cost 3 less.
  • paralistalonparalistalon Age Unconfirmed Posts: 153

    I found that 4 creatures is enough: once you have three out, you only want to play copies of those 3 creatures, and Rambler, Abbot, and Champion are all creatures I am very happy to reinforce. Rambler and Abbot accelerate you into a good board presence (take that Nissa!), and Champion is just... really good. Skyraker Giant is really just in there as an upgrade to Cobblebrute as a way to fight the fliers that Iroas's Champion can't. I own Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Scab-Clan Berserker, and Blazing Hellhound, but they aren't necessary when I have the aforementioned creatures so I just keep them out of the deck.

    Firecraft is hands down the best red spell so I'm very happy I got lucky and pulled it! There are story missions I know I wouldn't have won if not for this amazing card. Titan's Strength is there mainly to boost Champion, although the more I play story mode, the more I feel an extra 6 damage doesn't mean much: In PvP, it's probably better. Demolish is there because there are a handful of supports that can lock you out of the match, so better to just have it and use Magmatic Insight to dig for it or filter it away. Magmatic Insight is a great card for quickly meeting the "cast 10+ spells condition," BTW.


    I just pulled the Harbinger from a pack, so that pretty much handed me a viable end-game Jace deck on a silver platter! After playing with Tower Geist for quite a few games, I just love him and usually play him first if I have a choice. He has a very efficient body and an ability that can help you get to the exact card you need. Scrapskin Drake is there because of it's amazing synergy with Jace's first ability. Claustrophobia, you just put this in every blue deck, period. The rest of the deck is built around finishing the game with Soulblade Djinn and Ringwarden Owl and pumping them up with spells- getting a Talent of the Telepath loop going can lead to a massive swing that makes Nissa's second ability jealous (seriously, every other planeswalker can do Nissa better than Nissa!). Day's Undoing is my only Mythic pull, and it does good work in this deck. It can lock an opponent out of the game if they're stuck with all expensive spells and you just keep replaying this every turn to reset their mana! Or bounce a creature with Disperse and send it away into the blind eternities!
  • I want to link my deck but i can't insert images in my reply :(. It's really annoying for people to actually read the whole decklist. Any suggestions?
  • MalcrofMalcrof GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 5,971 Chairperson of the Boards
    Argolis wrote:
    I want to link my deck but i can't insert images in my reply icon_e_sad.gif. It's really annoying for people to actually read the whole decklist. Any suggestions?

  • Screenshot_2016-01-14-19-40-03_zpsds0ktvaa.png
    Gideon lvl 43.

    Warning: The picture is kinda big icon_e_biggrin.gif

    Anyways, this deck is unbeatable. Im at currently 60ish wins and the only losses i had so far were because of lucky match streaks from the opponent. The strategy is simple: Get the throne support out as soon as possible, follow with small supports OR try to get a good minion out fast and buff it later (consul's lieutenant is insane when buffed with champion and blessed spirits gets huge for obvious reasons). Against minion based decks (nissa, other gideons) you focus on getting out the first striker or any other minion and buff it as fast as possible and against control decks you focus on the support cards. I hope to open the 6/6 white lion to replace the lady and the deck will be unstoppable. Bottomline: Gideon is broken icon_cool.gif

    Edit: My bbcode for images was disabled for some reason.
  • madwrenmadwren Posts: 1,947 Chairperson of the Boards
    Jace, level 31

    Creatures (3)
    Mizzium Meddler
    Scrapskin Drake
    Separatist Voidmage

    Spells (5)
    Anchor to the Aether
    Talent of the Telepath
    Day's Undoing

    Support (2)
    Sphinx's Tutelage

    Haven't lost in quite awhile with this deck. Though it has at least two subpar cards--Voidmage and Negate--it's extremely consistent. I do not have Harbinger or Geist, or they'd be in the deck in their place. Negate used to be Alchemist's Vial, which used to be Turn to Frog, but I like to cycle cards. Negate's a one turn play with an instant impact. Vial is usually dead because they don't have any creatures, and Frog has the same problem and costs an extra round to boot.

    Negate does its job. Voidmage I almost never cast, because there are always better alternatives in my hand. However, I can't add another spell, and the supports are pretty useless.

    There are a few cards I think are underrated.

    Scrapskin Drake - It's cheap, has reach, and is reasonably efficient at 3/4. With Jace's Confusion ability, it stops creature rushes dead. I could very easily run the deck with only Drake and Meddler.

    Day's Undoing - This is an engine. It wipes out all of your opponent's Meddled mana, and gives you an almost full hand with 3 mana each. That's half the casting cost of most of your cards. You're exchanging 6 mana for 15, and usually get whatever card you wish you were holding. It's fantastic. It also single-handedly beats Lilliana.

    Talent of the Telepath - Tutor for a useful card, and pay 6 mana of it. Often you draw into a critical Disperse or Claustrophobia which is then paid for.

    Pretty fun deck.
  • wurtnikwurtnik Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3
    Keeping Jace at level 11 for pvp.
    36 health. 3 creature, 3 spell and 4 support. +1 to black, white and blue mana, -1 to red and green. Confusion at lvl 2 (-3/-0). Highest cost in deck = 9 mana.
    Mizzium Meddler: 4/7 for 9 mana. Screws with opponent’s mana
    Jhessian Thief: 3/5 for 9 mana. Gets +1/+1 until end of turn when you cast a spell or support (7/10 in deck) and draws a card when hit opponent. (generally more than replaces itself)
    Tower Geist : 4/4 for 9 mana. Flying and pick from top 2 cards when it comes in. (replaces itself with options)
    Talent of the Telepath: 5 mana to look at top 3, pick one and add 6 mana to it. (more than replaces itself, with options- auto pays for: itself, throwing knife, claustrophobia and negate- all trigger thief)
    Anchor to the Aether: 7 mana to return a creature and draw a card. (replaces itself)
    Negate: 3 mana to remove 3 mana from opponent. Cheap spell to trigger thief, also works well with meddler.
    Sword of the Animist: 7 mana, gives creature +2/+2 and helps pay for all the cards being drawn.
    Caves of Kolios: 8 mana converts a gem to white and a gem to black at start of turn. With the +1 to both white and black built into Jace, this ramps mana well to pay for all the cards being drawn.
    Throwing knife: 6 mana, gives creature +2/+0 and deals 2 damage when destroyed.
    Claustrophobia: 6 mana, locks out opponents 1st creature. This with the bounce and confusion can mean no damage taken in battle, although some will occasionally slip through.

    Generally win in 5-7 turns as at this lvl health isn’t too high, and take between 0 and 10 damage, depending on opponent (Often 0 against Nissa which is most the common opponent, higher end for Chandra). Easily get in 20-30 games before running out of potions, although I don’t normally have time to play that many (got uni work to do, paper magic and other games to play, and live a normal life) but still 3rd in my pvp bracket.

    Edit: to get Image to work.
  • carlito666carlito666 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 69
    Jace lvl 26

    won't Level him max, so i can get more runes in pvp

    My Deck:
    Separatist Voidmage
    Harbinger of the Tides
    Sigiled Starfish
    Ringwarden Owl
    Souldblade Djinn
    Talent of the Telepath
    Anchor to the Aether
    Sphinx reve..
    Jace's Sanctum

    Pretty funny deck
    Pure frustation for the other players (AI) :'D
    Harbinger just rules
  • zaann85zaann85 Posts: 119 Tile Toppler
    Jace Deck

    Artificer's Epiphany
    Sphinx's Tutelage
    Talent of the Telepath
    Ringwarden Owl
    Clash of Wills
    Day's Undoing
    Stratus Walk
    Prism Ring

    The goal here is to land a Ringwarden Owl and your supports. After that slamming a Day's Undoing, you will gain alot of life and chain many spells along with drawing cards. I have cast up to 22 spells in one turn! Negate, Mindsculpt, Day's Undoing, and Sphinx's Tutelage will reduce any opponents mana reserves. A disperse followed by a Day's Undoing is a permanent answer to a big threat. Using Jace's Ingenuity ability can help you dig selective answers as long as you keep track of your last spell.
  • RubiconXRubiconX Age Unconfirmed Posts: 40
    For all the moans about White getting nerfed during this update, I'm finding my win ration is still in the 90's. Just a shame that the game keeps crashing and adding losses.

    My deck is here:

    I'm considering removing Iroas as I rarely use it now.

    Blue is my main challenger. But I've beaten Harbinger a few times now. In fact, Mizzium Meddler gives me the most trouble. I wish I had him for my Blue deck!
  • aesithaesith Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
    Gideon level 50

  • RubiconX wrote:
    For all the moans about White getting nerfed during this update, I'm finding my win ration is still in the 90's. Just a shame that the game keeps crashing and adding losses.

    My deck is here:

    I'm considering removing Iroas as I rarely use it now.

    Blue is my main challenger. But I've beaten Harbinger a few times now. In fact, Mizzium Meddler gives me the most trouble. I wish I had him for my Blue deck!

    It seems like you have way too many (expensive) creatures in there, but that's just me. Throw in more support to perma-buff Blessed Spirits, e.g. Murder Investigation and Suppression Bonds. Knightly Valor is nice for a quick 4/4 with buff after the Knight token is destroyed. Each casting is a +2/+2 to Blessed Spirits. Then, if you have Suppression Bonds, you throw in Swift Reckoning for removal.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • PoliPinoPoliPino Age Unconfirmed Posts: 11 Just Dropped In

    Here is my latest Gideon. Overall I'm pretty happy with the loadout. It gives me some options, but since both Sigil of the Empty Throne and Helm of the Gods need supports to be effective, it's heavy on the supports.

    I might try out swapping Blood Cursed Knight for Iroa's Champion, to try to get back that sweet, sweet lifelink.
  • Interesting. Does Patron of the Valiant work for you? It's not working that well for me. I'd like a Consul's Lieutenant, but I don't have it...
  • PoliPinoPoliPino Age Unconfirmed Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    Keral_Keep wrote:
    Interesting. Does Patron of the Valiant work for you? It's not working that well for me. I'd like a Consul's Lieutenant, but I don't have it...

    He's not bad. His buff makes him a 5/5 when hes called (and adds 1/1 to any other creatures on the field). He's my third in line to call if I have all 3 attackers in my hand, but still a pretty good card.
  • For me the cost seems high relative to what I get. Gideon has anthems as his second ability, but I can see how it's good.
  • paralistalonparalistalon Age Unconfirmed Posts: 153

    New Liliana deck! I have her at level is 37 because I DON'T want Corrupt to go to level 3. The increase from 6 to 9 mana kills its usefulness: at 6 mana you still get the 2-for-1, you'll likely have them down to an empty hand anyways, and it lets you play reanimate shenanigans quicker.

    Unholy Hunger is an auto-include because you need a creature removal spell, and this is pretty much the only one black gets. I also put in Languish because I was having a hard time dealing with decks that swarm you with lots of small/mid-size creatures. The rest of my deck was built around being able to have most of my creatures survive a Languish, which gives -4/-4 to all creatures until the end of turn (Kothophed, Slug, and Centaur can all withstand it naturally, and the other two creatures can survive it if I have an equip in play... and Blood-Cursed Knight pretty much sucks without an equip in play anyways).

    Dark Petition was buffed and is now AMAZING, so put it in if you have it. The slug was also buffed, so I tried it, and I like it. He does great work with a Brawler's Plate!

    Cards that got cut:
    Deadbridge Shaman- I had her in as a cheap creature to keep me from falling behind, but I was never satisfied with her... in this case, defender is much more valuable than berserker.
    Fetid Imp- I love this card in a vacuum! But like the shaman, the fact that he doesn't activate until the start of your next turn kills his effectiveness. And doing only one damage per turn is just way too slow.
    Fleshbag Marauder- I never used his ability so he was just a 5/3. The only creature I never minded losing was Deadbridge Shaman, and she just traded with the opponent's first creature anyways!
    Meteorite- Underwhelming.
    Infernal Scarring- I actually like this card but had to cut it because of the lack of synergy with Languish. Also, with Blood-Cursed Knight, Veteran's Sidearm ended up being better because toughness actually is better than attack on a defender.
    Weight of the Underworld- If you have no other creature removal spells, I suppose you might need this.

    no creatures with reach,
    a little slow to establish board dominance,
    Liliana's 2nd and 3rd abilities never see play, worst matchup is probably Nissa because her 1st ability draws cards and accelerates them out which is an effective counter to Liliana's Corrupt lockdown, and Nissa is also the most common enemy planeswalker.

    Wish List:
    Despoiler of Souls- I would probably put this in place of Gold-Forged Sentinel. This thing is really hard to kill!
    Erebos's Titan- I would swap this in for Kothophed for the reanimation lulz, but I honestly think Kothophed is better due to being able to cast it from hand without too much of a problem.
    Blightcaster- I always wanted this card, but I would have to re-work the entire deck I feel.
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