Help me think of a strategy for this problem...



  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    The other options is, if you see you're not quite there nearing the end of the line is to take something like oBW/Daken/Wolverine into the first Prologue mission and grind your brains out. You'll never use any Health Packs, but you might lose your sanity.

    Two 5*s can kill a level 3 Juggs in the prologue with one or two moves and you can farm juggs crash TUs.
  • GrimSkaldGrimSkald Posts: 2,019 Chairperson of the Boards
    I get 350K iso to hard cap a character from 120. That's... definitely challenging. Impossible? I have no idea.

    I think you can get well over 10k a day for normal play. DPDQ + PVE + PVP. How much more I don't know - I'll keep an eye on my own totals and let you know. I specifically grind PVE for Iso more than points, myself - if a node still has the 500 Iso left I will go at it harder than others. I don't really bother placing higher than top 50...

    Definitely do the Lightning Rounds - they're pretty good Iso-to-time ratio things. Particularly if you eat the seeds and just go to 100.

    But yeah, what other people said - give yourself some time and see where you are. There's no reason to sell them immediately....
  • Punisher5784Punisher5784 Posts: 3,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    Your best bet is to sell all of your characters to give you enough iso to lvl max Iceman.
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