Very odd character suggestions

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Bear with me here, I'm really thinking outside the box.

We are all scurrying to suggest marvel super hero comic book character suggestions (since this is Marvel Puzzle Quest) but why stop there? What do I mean?

Well Marvel also published the completely awesome Transformers comics (written by Simon Furman) way back in the dark ages of the 80's. Since these comics (I do have to specify that particular run as that is when it was a marvel published property) were part of the marvel universe could we get some G1/2 characters here in MPQ?

I know Hasbro owns the modern rights (and owned the toy and intellectual rights even back then) but it would sure be cool to see Optimus Prime in the game, also since they are all transformers they could have some cool move sets which alter based on transformation (think like OML)

Hey call me insane for this suggestion...but also grudgingly admit it would be cool


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    Juuuuust kidding.

    I do remember those Marvel Transformers comics though. The original 12 issue mini-series even had black costume Spider-man show up. Hilariously, as soon as he leaves, the next issue Shockwave shows up and just wipes out all the Autobots. That's how they ended the series. And oncoming series quickly followed it up with everyone recovering, but that blew my mind as a kid. (and got Shockwave on my Christmas list that year).

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    Marvel is owned by Disney, Disney owns Frozen. 5* Elsa please icon_iceman.png
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    I bet jack sparrow would make an interesting 5* icon_e_wink.gif star wars has just too much - need their own game.
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    Yeah what about TMNT. Who wouldn't love to dash someone with Donatello or give a hockey strike with Casey Jones!?

  • ROM Spaceknight please!
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    Id take the turles, that would be cool. Though they aren't marvel at all in any way shape or form.

    The other suggestions while outside the box are also not marvel. My transformers suggestion is a direct link to marvel.
  • Darth-Vader-013-Cover.jpg

  • To start with, I didnt even knew Blade was part of the marvel comics, so its a first step. Star Wars, TMNT, Transformers tho Im not so sure because they are not in same universe(s)? If they never interacted with marvel characters I dont see D3 thinking about introducing them on MPQ.

    But man, Id love to see a 4/5* Darth Vader or Yoda.
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    It has to be NFL Superpro.
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