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Alright, I'm sorry but I need an explanation. It may look on the surface that I'm ranting. I'm trying not to. I'm not threatening to quit like some threads on the forums. I'm just dumbfounded about something and want to understand so that I can continue to have fun with this game.

Before I start, here's some background info on me:
- I'm on day 486
- I'm well into 3* land. I've maxed all the 3* characters I care to.
- I have more Iso than I know what to do with (over 450,000)
- I play everyday and I've put more hours into this game than I even thought I'd ever put into a mobile game
- I have spent money on hero point bundles for this game occasionally during the sales to add roster slots and level up 3*s (This was before DDQ)
- I've only ranked high enough in PVP events to get a 3* cover a couple times
- I've never gotten the highest level PVE reward in an event - but I've tried!
- The only 4*s worth a damn to me are XForce Wolverine (2\4\2), Nick Fury (2\3\2), Ant Man (4\1\1), and Invisible Woman (2\3\2) and Ant Man and Nick Fury are the exact same color layouts.
- I have 14 unusable 4* characters in my roster with 1 - 4 covers each.
- I don't have any 5*s yet

Given all that, I'm getting a little frustrated that the only sources I have for getting more 4* covers are:
- Command Points which I grind like crazy for and last time I had enough for a Legendary token I was rewarded with a Mr. Fantastic cover.
- 3* Recruit Tokens - I don't get that many and we all know how pitiful those odds are.
- Taco Tokens - No idea why I even listed this. Haven't gotten a 4* from these yet and never expect to.

So with them constantly adding more and more 4*s, what hope do I possibly have? I play so much as it is, what else can I possibly do to get further into 4* land?

In my desperation, I looked at my Alliance this morning (I got promoted to commander at some point) and decided, "I can do better than this..." So I started looking at other alliances and I came across players in other alliances who don't even have fully covered 3* characters but somehow have multiple 5* covers. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!?!?!? How could they possibly have access to legendary tokens? I've only been able to get one or two so far. These players shouldn't have been able to even beat some of the nodes to get command points I had to grind through and they were able top open enough legendary tokens to be lucky enough to get a 5* cover multiple times????

That makes no sense at all. Am I missing something? It's not like they threw money at the game to get command poitns / legendary tokens. I don't want to quit but I'm not going to play if its not fun. There's no way I'm going to have fun if I can't progress - especially knowing what I know now about how other players rosters.


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    They don't necessarily have to be the ones who threw money at the game. Anytime someone in an alliance buys $10.00 or more, the whole alliance gets Command Points.

    For example, a Stark Salary gives the alliance 7 CP. If 3-4 people buy a Stark, then everyone can afford a legendary token.

    Also, if you buy the 40 pack of characters (usually requiring a Stark Salary), you get a Legendary.

    Finally, they could have gotten insanely lucky on the Deadpool Vault. Each vault has a Legendary token. I am not saying it makes sense, but there are a huge number of threads about how Luck-based endgame progression is whacked.
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    Also keep in mind that PVE rewards a single Legendary Token as the final progression prize. It's not hard to attain that, especially with soft-capped rosters.
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    Once you can start hitting 1000 points, it's easier to build up your 4*s. Then when you can hit 1300, it becomes even easier. You'll get there, eventually. Find a good alliance to help.
  • MalcrofMalcrof GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 5,971 Chairperson of the Boards
    With a solid 3* roster, 1k is easier and easier to reach these days, and 1300 is fairly common now with 3* rosters(leg token).

    Do you have a roster link? Much easier to help if we can see what you are working with!

    Also, it never hurts to max out 3*s as they are featured in PVP, or at least bring them all to 140, so when boosted for the week, essential, or in PVP, they will be over lvl 200.
  • HaywireIIHaywireII Age Unconfirmed Posts: 568 Critical Contributor
    I'm a new player on day 37 and I've opened 4 legendary tokens so far. Very happy I haven't pulled a five star character yet but I usually get a command point each day from the PVE and the legendary token at the end of the PVE.
  • PeterGibbons316PeterGibbons316 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,063
    I'm on day 436 and I play a lot more than you. I have five 5* covers (3 OML, 2 SS), five 4* characters over level 200, and seventeen maxed 3*s. But I've been earning 3* covers from PvP for about as long as I can remember, and can't remember the last time I missed a 1k PvP progression reward. You are doing something wrong.

    Describe a typical PvP event for you. What slice? When do you join? What teams are you bringing? What teams are you fighting? For how many points? What teams are you skipping?

    As far as others earning LTs - many successful PvE rosters are quite underleveled, and they are earning LTs through PvE progression, as well as CP from top PvE finishes. Some people just get lucky draws as well.
  • GrumpySmurf1002GrumpySmurf1002 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3,511 Chairperson of the Boards
    ECOcrush wrote:
    How could they possibly have access to legendary tokens? I've only been able to get one or two so far. These players shouldn't have been able to even beat some of the nodes to get command points I had to grind through and they were able top open enough legendary tokens to be lucky enough to get a 5* cover multiple times????

    Your title nails it, they're getting them from the PvE progression reward. Personal scaling means that they're (allegedly) fighting opponents at the level of their characters, thus weaker than what you're seeing.

    As far as how to get more 4* covers, if you're actually done with the 3* transition, you should be getting them from PvP. It's a slow and arduous process, but that's the easiest way. 1000 is quite doable with any number of strategies, with various degrees of shielding required depending on which is used. (and no, they don't all involve LINE)
  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    those with lower rosters (level < 100) that have several 5* covers have either 1) consistently performed in pve and/or 2) put money into the game or were in an alliance that puts money into the game. there are several trying to skip the 4* transition altogether and go straight to 5*s based solely on pve. I think that is a really tough way to do it considering the time commitment involved, and by not leveling your characters, 1) you get hit harder by scaling and 2) you leave lots of 4* covers at pvp 1K and eventually 1300 on the table. in addition to taking much longer to tap into 4* ddq as a source of LTs. PVE LTs take 3-3.5 clears/day generally (although that number has been shifting around lately). I'd start there. and if you have a stocked roster of top tier 166s, with a little more effort (or maybe different strategy) or an extra shield, you might be able to hit 1K. I know many 166 players that hit 1K. doesn't mean its easy or free though.
  • LegendRebornLegendReborn Age Unconfirmed Posts: 301
    Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Cyclops deserved to be maxed to 166. Those three characters can get you to 1k progression rewards in PVP if you are willing to shield hop once or twice. I agree that 4* covers should be more accessible, but you can easily hit those 1k progression PVP rewards.
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