Which 4* should i focus on?

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I have a 535 classic Cyclops and a 554 fxorce wolvie currently, I am trying to decide which 4* I should focus on as a PvP partner for cyc, ideally that someone also fits ok with XFW for the simulator until I can replace him.

(I have all 3* characters covered, this is for pvp, and I'm buying the remaining few covers of whomever I go with.)

I'm leaving towards Jean grey, but I could also buy the last few covers for IMHB or iceman.. but then I'm respeccing cyc.



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    jean and ice are consensus t3 characters. you really can't go wrong with either. and whichever you don't focus on first, follow up with hb and you'll have 2 pair of top notch characters. to me jean goes better with cyke and ice better with hb but really can be flipped around easily enough, bobbygollum's blue would just overrules cyke's most of the time (I play with neither, so going by what I've read), so cyke loses some punch with one of his 2 offensive abilities (and his ap accelerator), whereas using bobby's blue over hb isn't as big of a loss (less effective accelerator).
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    Jean is definitely better with Cyclops - no overlapping actives, Jean weakens the whole team while Cyke takes down one enemy at a time. Iceman has a better AOE, but you'll be chasing blue for Cyclops (his best ability IMO) which weakens IM green, and the obvious overlap in blue.

    I'm a firm believer in Cyke/Jean, that's my vote.
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