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Hello all

As the title suggests I am requesting some advice on my roster and specifically the next steps. My roster is here:

I am currently on Day 188 and am well underway in my 3* roster transition. I have approximately 850k in ISO. I would say I lean more towards PvE generally finishing in the Top 100. I also play some PvP where either I go to about 400-650 for tokens/HP and then drop off. Lately I have been joining very late and trying for placement (Top 100) as well. In addition to my roster I have 12 Legendary Tokens I can open but have held off due to scaling issues (I sold 1 SS and 1 OML about a month or two ago).

I have a few questions for your input:

1. Should I consider maxing any of my characters now or wait a little longer? if I don't max them should I move to another breakpoint? Lets say 140?
2. Should I consider opening my Legendary tokens now or continue to hold them?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all.


  • PeterGibbons316PeterGibbons316 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,063
    Leveling Cyclops, IF, and Hood to 166 would most likely have you hitting the 800 point PvP progression pretty consistently.
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    If PVE, is still your primary focus, I would focus on bringing a good core group of characters up to 140 together. Then get at least a good core of 8-10 covered and then pump to 166. Taking the extra time to do this will save you a lot of pain later. I made the mistake of leveling a couple toons ahead of everyone else and scaling kicked my butt.

    I would probably not level Loki or Hood if you do this because you want other characters to tank their colors in PVE and you really don't lose effectiveness from lower levels.

    As for your LTs, I would hold off until you have that 8-10 group of 166s. At that point, you can roster 5*s without really seeing an increase in scaling.
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